Monday, September 13, 2010

Weekend in Review

Saturday, Kristin came up and we (Kristin, Ava, and I) hit some yard sales.  We found a few things, but nothing spectacular.  So, we decided to hit up the clearance sale at her work - Touch of Class.  

I found SEVERAL steals!

First, I found these fabulous candle holders...that match my table and buffet!

They are the perfect addition to the window above my sink.  And the best part..they were marked down from $89.99 to $17.99.

Then, I found these tiles to hang in the tray ceiling in my kitchen.  

I've been wanting something to hang in that area for a long time, but couldn't ever find anything I liked.  These are perfect, and were marked down from $55.00 to $7.99.

Then I saw it...the perfect painting for my living....

We've been looking for a painting for our living room for awhile but I'm cheap and I never wanted to spend mega bucks for a painting, so when I saw this was marked down $110 I almost did a happy dance right in the middle of the store.

Why are you all laughing?

I'm not even kidding!!!

Ok....maybe I am.

But I did it in my mind.

I called Chris to tell him about my candle holder finds, and the painting to see if he thought I should buy it.  

Never mind the painting, sweetie, make sure you get those candle holders because you KNOW how much I LOVE candle holders.

Ok, smart-aleck! lol

Then as I was walking to the check out I spotted the perfect colored vases for my sister's new apartment.  I walked closer to get a picture and low and behold, the have butterflies imprinted into them.  Now, I know these vases are destined to be my sisters.  :)

I sent her a picture, and of course she loved them.  

Because they need new felt pads on the bottoms, they were marked down from $26/vase to $4.99.  Can you believe that???  

On the way home, Kristin and I decided to check out the ReStore store.  It's miscellaneous things people have donated, and all the proceeds go to Habitat for Humanity.

On my other blog, we've decided to start a monthly book club.

Needless to say, someone had donated a HUGE stack of a book called Delta Belles, and the inscription sounded perfect for a book in this book club.  I bought ten copies!!!  Nine of us in the book club, and one for our give-away book.  The best part is that the money will go to a good cause.  You just can't beat that!

When we got home, I checked the mail, and the APPROVAL from my insurance company stating they will cover my surgery at our in-network fee was in the mail.


I got home and made Chris and the kids BBQ cups with some of the left-over roast.  So easy, and a big hit.

Sunday, we went to church and I started feeling pretty tired afterwards.  Maybe it's my body's way of saying I need to slow down.

I slept almost all afternoon, last night, and have still been feeling very tired and weak today.

So, if you could, send up some extra prayers for that.

I have several pre-op appointments and blood work this week.

The countdown is on for surgery now!

ps) I can't get enough of this song!


  1. I am sooo excited you got your approval! What a relief!

    and you got some great deals too! :)

  2. The candle holder comment sounds exactly like something my husband would say. haha! If my husband was in charge of decorating the house, it would be mostly empty with black furniture and a TV.

  3. you sneaky girl! i was so excited about the deals you got that i nearly missed the really REALLY exciting bit! SO glad you got the approval. yay God!

  4. Awesome news on the insurance approval! Great finds at Touch of class, I looooooved that store when I lived there. We have a restore here, but I always thought it was more for building buildings. LOL Ha!

    And if Jim decorated MY house, it would be blank walls, a tv, dvd player game system and a chair!!!