Saturday, September 18, 2010

All is Restored in the Land of Chaos

I previously wrote this week that I have been avoiding housework like the plague.

When I would ask them if they straightened up their rooms this week, I'd get ALMOST!  KIND OF for answers. Is it the way Mommy likes it clean? NOT EXACTLY!   At least they were being honest but, I knew it was bound to be bad.

The decision to not add to my stress level by venturing up there nearly gave me a heart-attack when I visited the Land of Chaos this morning...a.k.a... the upstairs of my children's bedrooms and bathroom.

I kept trying to convince myself I was having a nightmare.

But sadly enough this is really what I saw....

And of course, as I am taking pictures Miss Ava is making a mad dash from Breanna's room to hide the toys she just stole from her.

This room has actually been like this for a WEEK, because this is how Big A left it last Sunday!

If you look closely enough you might see the toothpaste smeared all over the top of the cabinet.  I really don't understand why my kids find smearing toothpaste so fun.

I was sucked into the abyss of the Land of Chaos right then and there.

I feared no return.

Surprisingly enough, and with only ONE melt-down (not on my behalf) the girls and I managed to turn it around.

Sheets got washed and beds even got made!  

YES!!! There is a missing drawer front on Ava's bed.  During the whole two months M occupied this room, it managed to get broken.  

Oh yes, I even tackled this messy room!

Now that is how Mommy likes it done!


  1. Oh, honey, you'd hate my house!!!! I'm going to take a picture of my kids rooms for you, right now!! I will send them to you on FB....

  2. Now, that's a turnaround!! I love those after pictures.

  3. aww, the feeling of a clean room! love it!

    i also love miss kinsey's bed! it's gorgeous!