Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Surgery Update

For those of you following along in this journey, I wanted to give you a few updates on appointments and surgery.

I have my final pre-op appointment with Dr Flannagan (my P.S.) tomorrow.  We will go over in more detail his course of treatment as far as the tissue expanders and the exchange time frame.

Friday morning I have an appointment with anesthesiology to decide what type of anesthesia and pain medication will be used during and after surgery.

Then at 11, I have an oncology appointment.

Surgery is next Thursday, September 23, at noon.  We have to be at the hospital at 10 am so I can get registered and they can get my IV going, etc.  The surgeon said surgery will take approximately 4 hours total.  So, I should be out of surgery just in time for supper.  lol.

Anyone who knows me well, knows the humor in that statement.

My only complaint after surgery is that I.AM.STARVING!

And I become somewhat of a mental case when they tell me I can't eat!


Just ask my step-mom.

Or any one that visited me after my hysterectomy.

Until I ate against medical advice (and didn't get sick, I might add!)

If all goes well, I should be able to come home sometime Friday evening!  I'm keeping my fingers crossed on that one.  But should I have complications, the insurance company has approved a three-day stay.  

I'm confident I will be home by Friday though, watching last season of Grey's Anatomy, because it's a tradition E and I have for every.single.time I have surgery.

Is it sad we have a tradition?

Here's to the breaking of said tradition after this all this is said and done!!!


  1. I second that breaking of that tradition. Not because tradition isn't good, but this one will be one too many and I don't think you need anymore.

  2. Hey Hun! We will all be praying for you & thinking of you not only on Thursday, but the entire weekend, while we walk & until you get the ALL CLEAR. :-) We love you!!!