Monday, June 06, 2016

New House UPDATE

Wow......has it really almost been a year since we moved into our new house?

Time really does fly!!!

I said almost a year ago that I'd update what we've done with the place but as you know, life gets busy, and if I'm perfectly honest, blogging is so far from my mind these days.  But this my Facebook Memories there was a sweet post about our wedding that prompted me to click on over to this place.  After reading it, I started reading my original house post and thought, 'It's really time I updated that because a few things have changed since then.'  

So without further ado....

Not much has changed on the front of the house other than Bill put down black mulch (I absolutely LOVE it but haven't managed to take an updated picture) this year.  And we recently got some stained glass landscaping lights.

And Bill pressure washed that awful black spot off the drive-way.

The backyard has gotten MANY updates.

Like a trampoline...

The back deck got a much needed paint job.

It was pretty dingy.

I love the new two-tone.  

We added a nature area that I was sitting in when I took this picture.  It's really a small piece of 'quiet' that sometimes makes me forget we live in a subdivision.

The front porch got some new rocking chairs.

Not much has changed in the entryway besides some new table decor.

The only change with the bathroom is that I painted the door black.

But the dining room got a complete make-over.

First we added a couple paintings my sister painted for us.

Then we decided that we never really use this space, and we really need an office so our pallet table went to my Mother-in-Laws house and we got a desk from her house.

I love that our office supplies are hidden in these cubbies so the room stays nice and clean.  Especially since it's one of the FIRST things you see when you walk into our house.

I LOVE this new storage for all my essential oils.  I've tried different racks and containers over the past year but I always thought they looked clutter-y.  So I was thrilled when I found this rack.

The living room hasn't changed much except for the fact that we FINALLY got our couch after over a month's wait.  And we moved the matching chairs upstairs when I had to have surgery about a month ago, because I needed a recliner to sleep in.

The oversized chair is now between the windows on the opposite wall.

And those dear friend, Christina, took them, and they are just everything.  She captured who my girls are so perfectly.

We plan to eventually open that wall up to the kitchen, so those prints will get moved to the wall above the recliner.

The eat-in has changed only in that I finally found a table I liked.  And Bill added a command station for me.

The plan for the kitchen is to eventually paint the cabinets white and take out the majority of the upper cabinets on the right hand side to open that wall up to the living room.

And I need to get the pantry door painted black this summer while the girls are gone.

Nothing has changed in the stairway and I'm not sure it ever will.

I nearly had a heart attack while Bill was painting this area.

Our entire house was an ugly yellow-y beige color before we painted everything but the girls' bedrooms/bathroom shades of grey.

Another door that STILL needs to be painted black.  

I'd love to get a beautiful sparkly chandelier to replace this one but again, Bill would get on that ridiculously tall ladder and just, NO! 

More doors....

There are so many dang doors in this house!

 The girls' bathroom still looks the same.  Though I'd love to change the color to a teal-y blue, and eventually that counter top will get replaced.

Ava's room hasn't changed at all.  This is still one of my favorite rooms in the house.
Ava and Bre shared this room up until a few months ago when Bre decided she was ready to sleep in her own room.

Bre's room was formally the girls' playroom/computer room.

When I posted the first pictures of the house last summer, we hadn't touched this room.  So, it was definitely the room that saw the biggest transformation.

Bre loves ALL things space related and the color blue.

We were able to find this really cool mural online.  It came in eight pieces that had to be lined up perfectly and the paper was super thin (read: it was a pain to put up) but she absolutely loves it.

Kinsey's room hasn't seen much change but that is going to change this summer so stay tuned for IG pictures of that progress.

We did move one of the living room chairs into her room so she has a place to sit and read.

Our bedroom is also exactly the same besides adding a chair next to the dresser.

The Master bath got quite the make-over.

We painted it ...grey, of course.

I painted the vanity black.  Refinished the counter tops with a transformation kit. And we swamped out that huge, ugly mirror.

This was before Bill installed the new faucets.  They are oil rubbed bronze.

Eventually, we plan to rip out that shower and tile it.

And last, but certainly not least, the garage got a GORGEOUS facelift.

James Dean had the best parking spot until Norma Jean kicked him out. 

We still have several projects we want to do, and hopefully, we will check a few of them off of the to-do list this summer but for only being in the house a little less than a year, we're really happy with all the progress we've made.