Wednesday, October 17, 2012


It's almost here!  In one week and one day I'll be on a plane, with Tonya, Tampa bound.

My excitement is about ready to bust at the seams.

As excited as I was last year, I was also extremely nervous because I didn't know what to expect.  Did I pack everything I should have?  Was I going to actually be able to do it?  What was my mindset going to be knowing it was me saying good-bye to one of the hardest years of my life, and doing it to honor Steph.

It was truly, TRULY amazing.  More than I did or even could have anticipated.

And this year....I'm just EXCITED!!!

I'm excited to see Tonya and George.  I'm excited we will be walking with Gloria (a fellow bc survivor who is currently in treatment again - please send some prayers up for her) and her daughter. I'm excited to see, what I've heard are, beautiful views.  And I'm excited that part of my real life support system will actually be there.

My heart is overflowing as I re-read that last sentence, because I know how bittersweet it really is.

These past few months have been a whirlwind.... And my life has changed/is changing in so many ways.

I've been reminded time and time again how lucky I am to have made such strong friendships with some of the people I met last year in Atlanta.  The only 'team' there is amongst the 3 Day tweeps is TEAM PINK!!! And that is EXACTLY how it should be.  Personal lives should never be used to try and distract from that.

I've learned that taking the high road is the best thing you could ever do, no matter how someone else perceives it.  And sometimes, it's hard and extremely difficult, but it does not mean you're hiding just means you realize it is THE RIGHT thing to do.

I've come to realize that I would do nothing short of walking through fire to stand up for and protect the people I love.  And unfortunately, sometimes, that includes heartache and taking personal criticism and judgement from others, but at the end of the day, I know where my heart is and it's filled with nothing but good intentions.

I realize more and more how incredibly blessed I am to have such amazing friends who would, who have, and who are going to do the same for me as I come home and put on my fighting gloves once again.  Their strength surrounds me in my times of weakness, and they are always there to pick me up, carry me, and on occasion, give me the shove that I need to keep pushing forward.

I've learned that a simple 'I support you' has the ability to change EVERYTHING!

And lastly, I've come to realize that even though life has a way of trying to knock you down and scary situations once again arise,  joy and happiness will ALWAYS prevail, if you let them.

This journey started because of cancer, but it will never end because of it.