Monday, September 20, 2010

Things I've Done

Awhile back ago, I posted a 'Bucket List' of things I want to accomplish in my life.  Then a blogger friend of mine posted a 'reverse' bucket list.  A list of all the things she has already done in her life instead of a list of things that one may never accomplish.

I thought this was a pretty neat idea, so here goes:

1.  I played on the very first little league girls softball team from Petersburg to ever win the State Championship.
2.  I became friends with the majority of the girls who are still my closest friends today while in Middle School.
3.  I traveled to England and Scotland with a great group of people and had the time of my life.
4.  I watched the Changing of the Guards at Buckingham Palace.
5.  Visited West Minster Abbey.
6.  I tried Shepherd's Pie, and nearly vomited.
7.  I tutored special needs kids in an after-school program while I was in college and it was to-date one of the most rewarding jobs ever!
8.  I moved 11 times in 8 years, and I'm thankful to FINALLY be settled in a house that fits my family.
9.  I birthed one amazing, fiesta and sassy yet sweet little girl named Kinsey.
10.  I quit college after my third year to support her and I, and I'd do it over again in a heartbeat.  Being a mother is the best thing I've ever done in my life!
11.  Two years later, I birthed her soft spoken, easy going little sister, Ava.
12.  I moved to the outskirts of Indianapolis, and ran into a good friend from college at the Wal-Mart checkout...I believe God meant for us to be sisters.  A piece of my heart remains with her up north.
13.  I loved, lost, and then met and fell in love with Chris.  The last four years of my life have been one heck of a ride, and I'm thankful to have him with along for it.
14.  I birthed my 'miracle' child, Breanna, at 31 weeks gestation, and clung to my faith as I watched her little body fight that battle of its lifetime.
15.  I was married in one of my favorite places...the Riverwalk Park, by a childhood friend.  BEST.DAY.OF.MY.LIFE!!!
16.  That day, I became a step-mom to a funny, keeps me on my toes little man who I call Big A.  That day, I became a little more appreciative of all the things my own step-mom has did for me throughout the years, that so often went unnoticed or that I didn't thank her for because she wasn't my 'real' mom.  I may not have harvested in her womb, but I can see it when I look in her eyes that she loves me just the same.  And now, I truly understand how that's possible.
17.  I taught my children to read.
18.  I assisted as Chris patiently taught two of our little ones how to ride their bicycles with no training wheels.
19.  I've kissed boo-boo's, bandaged scrapes, and iced twisted ankles and smashed fingers.
20.  I've heard the sweetest words a mother could ever hear, "I love you, Mommy."
21.  I've photographed many backyard football games and cheered from the swing.
22.  I started this blog to keep family up-to-date on important appointments, and in the past few months it's turned into a source of therapy that has gotten me through some really rough days.
23.  Some amazing girls and I started a community blog to join together in worship and prayer...I had no idea how much it would touch me personally.
24.  I've become a stronger person because of where my life has been.
25. And most importantly, I've grown in my faith throughout the trials I've faced the past few years.


  1. I just wrote mine like this on Friday after a friend sent a blog to me about being happy with what you've done in life, rather than dwelling on what you haven't achieved. I hope to post mine soon :)

  2. You've accomplished so much :) You should be so proud! And thanks for always commenting on my blog :)

  3. I'm lovin your blog! Nice work! :)


  4. praying praying praying for you tomorrow...

  5. Go 1995 13yr old all-stars! WOOT!