Tuesday, September 14, 2010

10 Things Tuesday

10 Things Tuesdays! Ten things made you happy this week? Blog about them! Ten things you want to do before the week’s over? Blog them! Any ten things, any theme you wish.

This is my first time joining in to 10 Things Tuesday...but I'm having writers block...well not really, I just don't want to write about my increasing anxiety today, so this is what y'all are getting instead!

1.  Ava's violin lessons tonight.  I just love watching the excitement on her face as she learns new things each week.  She's only had two lessons but she's been showing off her skills to anyone who will watch.

2.  Work on my weekly food menu and grocery shopping list.  For those of you who saw my menu last week, you know this is a project in and of itself.  

3.  Get more freezable meals made.  I have so many, and I feel good about that, but I just think I can't have too many.  I mean, most of them will stay good up to 6 months.

4.  Get the laundry caught up and put away.  I've been slacking in the house cleaning department since the flagrant state of exhaustion has set in.

5.  Have my pre-op appointment with Dr. Flannagan.  Yes, for all you curious readers out there....when you have a bi-lateral mastectomy...you DO get to choose the size of boobs you want.  Although, having reconstruction involves months of stretching and expanding your pectoral muscles, so I don't think many mastectomy patients choose to go bigger and put themselves through unnecessary pain!

6.  Clean out my vehicle since other people will be driving it in the following weeks.  This is a SCARY thought!!!  Well, only when it involves my mother getting in my vehicle and giving me an hour long lecture about how *gasp* there are toys and kids crap-o-la EVERYWHERE!

7.  Organize closets and go through winter clothes to see what the kids are going to need for this winter.  I've been putting this off because even the thought of it seems to completely overwhelm me right now.

8.  Finish mailing out the books for our book club, and start reading the book.  I'm SUPER DUPER excited about this.

9.  Go to my oncology appointment.  You know, most of the time I stay in a pretty positive mindset, but I just have to say that every time I walk in the chemo area, I have to pull every ounce of strength I have to fight back the tears, and to not start yelling at God right then and there.  As much as the doctor's, nurses, and staff try to keep you smiling...it's just a depressing place!

10.  VISIT WITH KATE, D, AND OLIVER!!! YAY!  I'm completely bummed that I will be in the hospital during O's 2nd birthday party, but I'm still completely stoked that I get to visit with them for a few hours earlier in the week.  I haven't seen them since O was just a few weeks old.


  1. i'm excited about book club as well!

    you're going to town on those freezer meals, girl. at this rate you'll be free from the kitchen for a couple of extra weeks! ;-)

  2. A lot of those sound like me, other than a few of course.

    You are stronger than me, because you said you want to cry when you walk there...I probably would cry, every time.

  3. Don't you worry one little bit! We are going to bring food, relax, and talk-talk-talk!