Monday, September 27, 2010


Hi guys,

I know a few of you check in often, and I'm sorry I've not been able to update sooner.  Chelsa, did a great job keeping everyone as informed as possible during the surgery time, but I've spent most of the past few days so groggy I couldn't even manage to update her.  Thanks again, Chelsa!  :)

The good news.


What we know so far...

Surgery took longer and was a little more complicated than they thought it was going to be.

The left breast looks and feels worse because they had to remove a section of skin close to my armpit because they couldn't get clear margins.

I developed the beginning stages of pneumonia while I was in the hospital and had to have six breathing treatments.  Hopefully, we are done dealing with that.

I lost quite a bit more blood than they anticipated during surgery, so on Friday I received 1 1/2 units.  I passed out walking from the bathroom Thursday evening.  Luckily, the nurse were already helping me and caught me.  I was told I was unresponsive for several minutes, they hooked me up to oxygen, checked my BP, blood sugar (apparently both my BP and BS were fluctuating during surgery).  The nurse said I was having difficulty breathing, and that my bladder released, so it put my care team in a bit of a panic.  The only thing I remember is hearing all these people yelling my name over and over, and trying to figure out how I had got to the bed.  When I finally managed to make myself say What?  The nurse asked me if I knew were I was.  I said at the hospital.  And she asked me why was I there?  I said because I just had surgery.  Apparently, those were good enough answers because she didn't ask me anymore after that.  Just put the oxygen back on my face.

On Friday, I only got half of the first transfusion because the vein blew during the transfusion.  It was already the second IV they had started (the first one stopped working during surgery from understanding).  It took 3 nurses and 7 sticks and digs later, but they finally got one going.  My poor arms have definitely seen better days.

Saturday, they just monitored me to see if my blood count would come back up, taught me how to drain my tubes (I have four!), did breathing treatments, and basically let me rest as much as possible.  They also DC'd my fentanyl pump, and I started taking oral meds to try and keep my pain under control.  There were a few rough hours in there when packing needed changed and drain tubes pulled on, that I thought I might have to let them put it back...but I didn't.

Sunday, Dr M came in and said my blood count was still really low, and asked if I wanted to stay another night.  I told him I preferred to go home, and he said, "He'd meet me in the middle.  He'd let me go home after I had two more transfusions...BUT if I started to feel the slightest bit dizzy that I promised I'd come back to be re-admitted."  And he made my family promise to watch me carefully over the next few days

I got done with my transfusions around 3, and got discharged around 3:30.  We had to go to CVS to pick up my scripts, and then we headed home.  I never realized just how bumpy the street is to get to our street.  lol

So far, no dizzy spells, but I did wake up a bit ago with a lot of crud in my eyes so I do believe I have a cold in them.  Evan helped me get a shower.  Which felt so amazing!!!  She washed and fixed my hair so that made me feel somewhat normal.

I'm extremely fatigued but am having a hard time sleeping because of the pain.  The left side is specifically more sore because of the extra trauma it endured during surgery.  It's hard to breathe....almost like I have on a sports bra that is about 3-4 sizes too small.

Dr M says he's hopeful that at about the 1 week mark I will feel considerably better..I hope he is right. Because it's been a pretty tough road so far.

Thank you for all the prayers, well wishes, visitors who stopped by, flowers, candles, food casseroles, etc.  And a HUGE thank you to Evan for coming down and keeping my household running 'normally'.  This whole time, I've been worried about the kids having a hard time with it, but because everything else was so normal, they did great with it.  I got several 'checking to see how you are feeling' text and phone calls from the kids while I was there, but overall, they were just fine.  I appreciate that more than you will ever know.

Thanks ahead of time to all the people who will be staying overnight with us, helping clean and get the kids ready for school this week and taking me and the girls to our doctor appointments.

I know this is going to be a lengthy recovery process, and I appreciate each and every one of you.