Thursday, September 02, 2010

Thursday's Ten

Thursday's Ten...a compilation of ten things you have done so far this week.  If you want to link up, do so over at my friend, Lora's blog.

Let's see...what have I done this week worth mentioning?

1. I made three more freezable meals.
2. Took Ava to her first violin lesson and I don't know who was more excited...her or me!
3.  Spent A LOT of time on blogger trying to figure out how to change the HTML code to add a custom layout and I just can't seem to do it.  Anyone out there that follows me, and knows how to do it..HELP PLEASE!!!
4.  Made a new playlist of my 'go to' songs and have spent the better part of every day listening to it.
5.  I've ran a total of 6 miles on the treadmill, and apparently the results are starting to show because I've been doing it unbeknown to Chris, and he commented the other day on how 'slim' my thighs are looking. His words...not that I don't always think you look great, but what's different, your thighs look  I just love how he words things sometimes.
6.  I've let the entire upstairs of my house become a cluster of toys, and for once, I don't really care because my kids are happy.
7.  I made an appointment to get new tires on my van, but I'm dreading the bill.
8.  I've not taken one picture of any meals I've made this week.
9.  I moved some of the furniture around in my living room, and I think it's my favorite of how it's ever been.
10.  I've fallen completely, head over heels in love with my husband again for the 1000th time.

What have you done this week?


  1. i'm laughing out loud at the "your thighs look slimmer" comment! haha that's sooo something ryan would say.

  2. ah, the last one is SO sweet :)

    love your list! the thighs comment is hilarious.

    and i'm SO not the person to ask about html or codes...good luck with that!

  3. Well Lora, I'm glad I'm not the only one who is clueless about this. Sad thing is, I've read several articles about it and I just still don't get it.

  4. I can explain it to you or help you if you need it. I helped Vanessa with hers too. :)

    We are putting new tires on our SUV too in the next couple weeks. We've been pricing them and we aren't crazy about what the bill is going to look like either. So, I feel your pain.