Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sweet Dreams

When my older three kids are apart for any amount of time, be it a week because Big A's at his moms, or five weeks because Kinsey and Ava are at their dads, they can't spend enough time together.  They are all best buddies. 

It makes me flash back to growing up with siblings and step siblings who were so close to me in age.  My step brother, Jeff, was one of my best friends. We were just shy of 7 months apart; we were in the same grade, had mostly the same group of friends, and when we got jobs we got them in the same shopping complex.  

My little family is a continuation of that.

NOTHING, and I mean nothing makes me more happy than how well our 'blended family' meshes together, and how close the kids are.  

If Big A is gone, the girls constantly ask, "How many more days until A is back home?"  And same thing when they are gone. Big A constantly says, "I really miss Kinsey and Ava, when are they coming home?"

So, it's no surprise to me at bedtime when they ask, "Can we sleep in each other's rooms, PLEASE???

Generally, we don't let them, because I worry that it affects the quality of sleep they get if they are rolling all over each other.  But I couldn't resist after Kinsey and Ava came home after a FIVE week stay at with their dad in Louisiana.

WARNING: for my sappy friends who follow this blog, grab a tissue, you may shed a tear at the preciousness of the following pictures! ha, ha

All kidding aside, these are some pretty sweet pictures.

I could seriously sit at the foot of this bed and watch them sleep all night.

It just doesn't get any sweeter than this!

Sweet Dreams blogger world!

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