Friday, August 20, 2010

And they're off...

The kids' first day of school is today.  Even though 6 am comes pretty early (our bus picks up at 7) they were pretty excited.  

I think Kinsey was most excited about using the new 31 lunch bag Nana got her, and the fact that I made her extra loaded potato soup to take in her insulated thermos.  That girl could live on potato soup!

Ava, well Ava, she was just excited to be riding the school bus.  She's been watching the bigger two ride the bus for 2 years now, and could not wait to ride along with them.  

They have matching messenger bags.  You can't see it but above the peace sign, we wrote their names with different color glitter pens.

Can't tell they are excited!  :)

With one of their best little buddies.

In front of our mailbox is the bus pickup.

Not really.

Well, kind of.

All these kids -minus one- belong to us and our neighbors (as in one one other household).

And these aren't even all of our kids.

There's three more.

4 kid families ROCK!!!

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  1. They look so happy to be going! Hope the have a good day.