Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bucket List

Becoming a member of the cancer elite has got me thinking a lot about things that I want to do in and with my life.  There are so many things in this life that I still want to accomplish...and being faced with tragedy is one way to make you more aware of the things you would like to do but just don't take or make the time to actually make them happen.

I've started compiling a list, and as I add to it, this will become the first of many list...

I'm well aware some of these things may never actually happen, but a girl can dream, right?!

1. Go on a train ride.
2. Attend a CHD rally in Washington, D.C.
3. Get an article posted in a magazine.
4. Lie on the floor of the Sistine Chapel.
5. Attend the Monarch Butterfly migration in Mexico with my sister.
6. Write a book/cookbook.
7. See Kutless in concert.
8. Visit all 50 states. 
9. Go back to Europe.
10. Attend a black tie event besides a wedding.
11. Get another passport. (Mine expired!)
12. Go on an all-inclusive vacation with just my husband.  
13. Take the kids on a Disney cruise.
14. Learn how to wear red lipstick and actually look good doing it. haha
15. Grow a garden.
16. Be back to my pre-pregnancy weight.
17. Grow my hair out.
18. Remarry my husband, and throw a big bash!
19. See the Northern Lights.
20.  Get a present from Tiffany's in a Tiffany's box.
21. Complete a project 365.
22. Read all of Shakespeare’s plays. And understand them.
23. Get a Bachelor’s degree.
24. Take a vacation with just my mom. 
25. Be 100%, completely debt free. 
26.  Ride a gondola in Venice.
27.  Run a marathon.
28.  Go on a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon.
29.  Become a vegetarian (even if it's only for a month..just to see if I could do it.)
30.  Visit the Acropolis in Greece
31.  Watch the Changing of the Guards at Buckingham Palace  VERY COOL!
32.  Become a gourmet chef.
33.  Spend a week meditating in silence.
34.  See Cirque do Soleil
35,  Ride in a hot air balloon.  - even though I am deathly afraid of heights.
36.  Live my life with true meaning
37.  Bury the hatchet with all people I have or have had conflict with.

What are things you all want to accomplish and/or witness in your lifetime?

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  1. Wow, Casondra! Just clicked on your link from my blog. Inspirational to say the least. The story of your baby girl is amazing. My prayers are with you on this new journey.

  2. #1... You can knock this one off the list right there in town, so just go ahead and do that one! haha

    #6... You're almost doing that by blogging. It's like a collection of memoirs with recipes included, so you're actually doing both options of your goal... Also, you could write a book about your fight.. I'd buy one!

    #16... You look amazing! Don't get any skinnier!

    #36... You're a wife, a mother, a volunteer, and a strong fighter... THAT is living with meaning!

    In my opinion, you're doing pretty well with your list!!

  3. I think your list is WONDERFUL! Most of it is very attainable, just means money. I have done some of them, the easier ones.

    Good luck with your list!

    Prayers for you during everything!