Saturday, October 02, 2010

What's happening

Thought I'd pop in and update those of you that follow along with the happenings of our family because you love us so abundantly and are praying for us during this extremely difficult time in our lives (we love, appreciate, and thank God daily for you too!)

Sunday, I got to come home from the hospital.  I was SO ready to see my kiddos.  I went to the hospital the day of surgery fully anticipating NO complications.  I expected the pain to be minimal just like all my previous surgeries.  I mean, I had a hysterectomy last summer and was sitting up in the bed Indian style within a few hours of being out of surgery.  What I hadn't thought about in regards to that was that with my hysterectomy, I had a spinal and didn't feel anything for almost 24 hours post-op.

Since this surgery was above the was a little lot different.  The surgery took an hour and a half longer than they had originally anticipated, I lost A LOT of blood, and the original pain pump I was on caused me to itch so ridiculously that I was constantly moving my arms to try and scratch myself.  Not a good thing when you have just had a major operation on your chest which consisted of your pectoral muscles being cut. Thank goodness for my awesome husband who I woke up every 30 minutes to sit me up and scratch all the places I couldn't reach.  I know he has been miserable from lack of sleep but he has been such a trooper.  Once they switched the pain pump, I was a lot more comfortable.

I have to throw in that I have the BEST friends and neighbors.  When I got home from the hospital Evan helped me shower.  It was kind of funny because before surgery we had a discussion about how I would wash my hair after surgery because I wouldn't be able to lift my arms high enough to wash it myself.  I told her, I guess Chris will just have to get it the shower with me and wash it.  She said, 'Casondra, I love you, but I'm not getting in the shower with you to wash your hair.'  Well, she didn't get in the shower with me, but she stood outside of it, and reached in and washed my hair.  Then she moused it.  It's amazing how being clean, and having your hair fixed can just make you feel better!  Two of our neighbors, Steve and Garry, had came and mowed our yard for us so that Chris wouldn't have to worry about it.  Amanda spent the night with me and we had a movie night one evening this week, and the next day she cleaned and vacuumed my house.  Mom, grandma, Kamie, Megan, and Roxann have kept up with all our laundry, made beds, and kept the house straightened up.  I'm just so thankful for the amazing people we have in our lives that have helped us so much over the past week.  It's made this process so much easier, and gave me time to rest and focus on healing instead of worrying about all the everyday, mundane things that need to be done...that if they wouldn't have got done, I would have been tempted to get up and do, despite feeling like I've been run over by a truck!

Wednesday, Kinsey got her braces off and I know I am biased but I think she looks just beautiful!

She picked out the color for her will be neon blue (it glows in the dark) with 'Pixie Dust'.  She gets it on October 11.

Thursday, I had an appointment with my Dr. F and he said he was really pleased with how everything looked with the nipples, so blood flow is sufficient to sustain them.  Two of the four drain tubes will come out next week, and then as long as the drainage is down to a minimal amount the other two drain tubes will be able to come out the following week.  The stitches by my armpit will get taken out next Thursday, as well.  I'm so ready to get them out and start my range of motion exercises.  You take for granted how much you use your arms until you can't really use them.

Thursday was also Breanna's 3rd Birthday!  It seems surreal to me that she is THREE already.  I mean, where did the time go?

Also on Thursday, I spoke with a nurse from the oncology department and found out that the pathology report came back and NO CHEMO is needed!  Talk about a good day!  

Yesterday, I saw Dr Marcus, and he said I'm still anemic.  If I'm not feeling more energetic by next week, we are looking to repeat bloodwork and possibly get another transfusion.  Praying this doesn't need to happen.  My arms need a break from being poked and prodded.  We also discussed future monitoring since there is still a minimal amount of tissue, pectoral muscle and skin.  I'll be going back in three months for a check-up, and as long as everything looks good there, they will be every six months for a couple years.  Close monitoring is so much better than the chemo option.  Now I can focus on just healing, and getting to the exchange without worrying about being really sick on top of it all.  YAY!!!

Yesterday was also the first day that I was able to shower completely on my own.  I even wore 'normal' clothes.  With a shirt I pulled over my head and not one that I stepped into or buttoned up.  Baby steps!  lol

I spent the entire afternoon sitting outside on the patio...watching the little girls play outside.  It was so beautiful out there.  I even got a little bit of a sunburn on my face.  Chris was laughing last night at dinner because I have the whole 'white circles around my eyes where my sunglasses were' look going on.  

Mom graciously kept the two bigger girls last night (Chris, Breanna, and I went out to eat!), and is taking them to my brothers band competition today.  Hopefully, the rain holds off!  She is coming to get Breanna after the competition and will keep all three girls tonight, so that Chris and I can have a night to ourselves.  Those are few and far between so I cherish them!


  1. I really hope I am not one of the bad people reading your blog. Love keeping up with your famoly

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  3. So glad you got good news from the doctor!