Tuesday, October 05, 2010

One day at a time

Hi guys!

I know I'm not doing a good job of keeping my blog updated...I just literally have very little energy.  What I do have goes to doctor appointments and spending time with my family.  Not that you all aren't important, but I know you know where my priorities lie.

I thank you for that!

Today, is the first day that I don't feel like I got ran over by a truck. :)

Dad keeps telling me, "It's just going to take one day at a time."  I know that's true.  It's just hard to keep in perspective when you are a type A personality and so much of your independence has been stripped away.

(remember me telling you guys I drove the other day?  yeah, well, I hurt so bad that evening, that I WON'T be doing that again anytime soon.  At least not until I have more range of motion back!)  

At least I tried it, and did it!  And I realized for myself that it wasn't a good idea.

I am by myself with the kids this week except for when I have appointments and someone has to drive me to them.  I don't have to be...I have plenty of people still offering help, but to be honest, it's kind of nice to have time with the kids by myself.  They are such big helpers that the house really doesn't look that bad.  Amanda came yesterday and helped me grocery shop.  She offered to just go and get what I needed, but it was nice to get out of the house and walk around (even though I was completely wore out by time we got done.)  She'll be back on Thursday to take me to my doctor's appointment, and to do some of the heavier house cleaning that needs done.  Have I mentioned just how thankful I am to have her as a friend?!  BECAUSE I AM!!!  Everyone should be so lucky to have such great people in their lives.

I got a handful of cards in the mail today too.  It's amazing how reading people's well wishes and having them tell you how much they admire where you are in your life is such a big 'pick me up'.  Angie,  thank you so much for that sweet note and the 'Fight Like a Girl' T-shirt.  I was moved to tears.  You are too sweet to me!

I've started having some 'getting popped with a rubber band' sensations in my armpits.  Although it is quite uncomfortable, this is a good thing as it means the nerves are trying to work again.  Hopefully, they will and I will regain some feeling in the skin on my chest.  It's really quite odd to rub your skin and not feel it!

Thursday, I am supposed to get two of my drain tubes removed.  I'd appreciate you keeping me in your prayers that day...I'm pretty nervous about it.  (I've heard it's a rather painful experience.)

Also on Thursday, my good friend Kristin is having surgery on her wrist.  I know she'd appreciate you all sending prayers her way!

I'm a little sad that tomorrow is Ava's first field trip and I'm not able to go with her.  Kinsey's first field trip for second grade was last week and I had to miss it as well.  It's just emotionally hard for me to miss these things in their lives that I can never get back.  I know in the grand scheme of things, I'm here...I'm alive (the outcome of this situation could have turned out so differently) and that in itself is something to be SO thankful for, but as a mom, whose life is my kids, it's hard to miss out of things that I would have normally been present for because of this situation.  I'm sure some of you out there can relate!

Well, Breanna needs some juice, so I'm signing off to go sit in the recliner and watch cartoons with her until my big ones get home from school!  Hope you all are having a terrific week!!!

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  1. I'm sure the kids are enjoying having you home and are enjoying doing things for you! Relax and enjoy it!