Saturday, October 16, 2010

A real class act and the return of Rylie

Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan were in Evansville last night.  Chris had mentioned it, but when the tickets were for sale everything was going on with getting a surgery date set, and we weren't sure how I would be feeling, etc.  So, it didn't seem worth it to spend money on tickets and then possibly not go.

My cousin texted me from the concert last night after Mr Aldean announced that ALL proceeds from the concert would be donated to the Susan G Komen Foundation.  $132,000 in proceeds were made last night.

I think that really says something about his character that he would donate all that money to help other people.  

Not just him, but I think it's pretty terrific that so many celebrities use their 'star power' and donate their money to such great causes that affect so many people..not just within our nation..but in the world.

In other news, Rylie came home from my *step* grandparents house.  While I know they enjoyed dog sitting for her while I've been recovering, everyone in my house was ecstatic that she was home. Ava carried her around like a baby for nearly two hours after Leah dropped her off.  I think Ry is enjoying all the attention ..not that she didn't get lots of attention at Leah and Larry's, because I know she did.  I think she got a little spoiled sleeping with them in their bed.  haha

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