Friday, October 29, 2010

Loaded Potato Soup

Per the request of my friends, Starla and Racheal, I'm posting my loaded potato soup recipe that I've not shared with many people.  

True story: I called my grandma, between contractions, to request her to make me this so I could eat as soon as I birthed my first child.  

It's my comfort food, and my kids and husband request multiple bowls every.single.time I make it.  Chris said every time he takes it to work and heats it up, all the guys hover around him to see what he's eating because they think it smells so good.

Cut up and boil a 5 lb bag of red potatoes.

Cube up 3/4 large box of Velveeta cheese.

You can use your choice of meat, but I use two skinless sausage links, or cubed smoked ham.

Dice up smoked sausage. 

8 oz sour cream. 

1 small onion diced.

Add all ingredients plus 1 stick of butter, 2 Tbsp seasoned salt, 1 Tbsp pepper, 1 Tbsp onion powder, and 1 tsp garlic powder.

Cover with milk, and cook on low until all ingredients are combined well.

Your juice will turn a rich yellow color.

Drain potatoes, and add to mixture.

Add one bad of shredded cheese.

Cook on low until cheese is melted and onions are soft.

And here's the taste test.

She ate three bowls!!!

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  1. nom nom nom! i cannot WAIT to try this! i'm grateful they requested it, because i totally meant to and forgot ;-)