Friday, November 05, 2010

What's on Your Kids' Christmas Lists?

I know we are ahead of the Christmas shopping frenzy this year...with my surgery coming up, but my kids have been telling us things for MONTHS that they wanted for Christmas.

Have you all started?  Either way, what's on your kids' Christmas lists this year?

Big A had his list wrote out in a matter of minutes, and was helping Ava write hers out.  (I've mentioned before that he is a doting BIG brother.)

This was his #1 request, and he said if he didn't get ANYTHING else on his list, he HAD to have one of these.

This 3 wheeled skateboard was also on his list.  Last year we bought him a VERY expensive Ripstick for Christmas, but apparently it's just that....SO last year.  This new craze amongst boys his age is the cross over between the regular skateboard and the Ripstick.

After Jon Henry spent a few days at our house during my hospital stay....Big A has also been playing with his Bukugan's a lot, and he decided he wanted a battlefield for them.

He also requested three books from this series after I bought him this book by Rick Riordan at his school book fair a couple weeks ago.  I found the individual books while at T@rget, but found I could buy the entire book set (5 books) for the same price as 3 of the books individually.  

He requested his normal Christmas request of new zip-up jackets, and dirty looking blue jeans.

And lastly, every Christmas he has to have some of these....because you know life just wouldn't be as fun if he couldn't shoot his sister's with Nerf darts when they least expect it. lol

Kinsey...well to say she was easy this year would be the understatement of the year.  Her request...she handed me a Justice catalog with all the outfits she wanted circled.

She wanted things like these boots, and these in cream.  Of course, she requested a lot of these because she can't not wear them under her clothes.  And more of these to wear with her new boots.  She asked for this to match the boots she requested.  She asked for several other things...too many to name all of them, but most importantly she NEEDS this and this, because NO outfit is complete without proper accessories.

YES...I'm VERY aware that I might possibly be raising a DIVA!  But that's okay, because she has a heart of GOLD.

Ava is still little enough or maybe it's just difference of personality, but she still wanted toys.

She asked for this and a few of the books that go along with it.  And these were a MUST HAVE on her list. I have the slightest feeling her and Breanna will have some arguments over playing with them, so Breanna might just get some as well.  

But she didn't just want toys after seeing Kinsey's list.  She did request a few clothing items.

Such a these boots.  YES...they are the same as one of the pairs Kinsey requested, but that's just how these girls roll.  Ava is happy to wear Kinsey's hand-me-downs most of the time, because Kinsey has a keen sense of fashion, for an almost 8 year old.

She also requested this dress, and I was happy to oblige because it is, in my opinion, just too darn cute.  I got her a long sleeved black shirt and black tights to go with it, and a pair of super cute gray buckle boots.

All three of the big kids have requested these....

I have a feeling I'm going to be finding these balls all over my house for several months to come.

Breanna's list consist of all things Toy Story 3, and Zhu Zhu Pets.  It's what she got for her birthday, and are really the ONLY toys she plays with on a daily basis.  But I may find some other things for her too, as I have not started shopping for her yet.

What's on your kids' Christmas lists, and how old are they?  Are your 7-9 year old daughter's already into fashion too?

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