Friday, November 12, 2010

Baked Chicken with Wild Rice

Because it's a Friday night.

Because I'm a HUGE fan of EASY recipes.

Because my kitchen was a HUGE mess from lunch time cooking.


You don't believe me?

It really was!


Because my sink is full....AND....

Because I've run out of paper towels.  (One of my husband's biggest pet peeves.)  

Lack of paper towels DEFINITELY constitutes an easy supper recipe.

As in easy, I mean, a handful of ingredients easy.

And further more, it constitutes a disposable baking dish so there is no messy clean up afterwards.


-Wild Rice
-Bell Peppers
-Chicken Broth
-Chicken Breast
-Soy Sauce

Pour your rice in the bottom of your baking dish.

Add some diced green peppers.

Are you starting to sense the love for green peppers in our house?!

Well, my husband loves them and since I've run out of paper towels I'm trying to divert his attention to how good his supper is.  lol

I'm kidding, but he does have a newly acquired love of green peppers.

Add diced celery.

Chicken broth.

Pour chicken broth over mix and stir well.

Heat half a stick of butter until it's soft...not completely melted.

Add some soy sauce.

Brush onto your chicken.

Cover with foil, bake at 350 for an hour or until rice is tender.

Whip up some mashed potatoes, throw it all on a plate, and serve to your kids who are by now, for sure, whining that they are STARVING!!!

Try to enjoy it yourself while your DIVA daughter complains about how much she HATES green peppers, and repeatedly keeps asking "When is the beer bread going to be done baking?"

Tell her if she doesn't quit complaining that you are going to return all of her birthday presents.

Then finally enjoy the peace and quiet while you finish your supper....well, at least until your youngest daughter abruptly starts screaming that she wants 'Yogurt'.

Get her yogurt, turn on Sp*ngebob, and upload food pictures into blogger as fast as it will load, or else it won't get done until tomorrow.

When you hear your kids fighting over a cup of crushed ice, realize that it's been completely quiet for the past 3 minutes and you didn't even realize it.

Stop blogging and go tend to three girls fighting over one cup of ice!

Hope you all are having as fun of a Friday night as I am!!!  :)

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