Monday, November 29, 2010

She's 8

How is that even possible?

I'm still confused about how 8 years has passed so quickly. :)

Faux fur wedge boots

Skinny jeans and cable sweater

The Justice purse she just HAD TO HAVE! lol

Her hair straightener

Sweater dress

More skinny jeans (with sparkles!)

Reading her cards out loud.  She did such a good job!

Jewelry from Aunt (Rebecca, huh?! lol) Becky and Uncle Billy

Yeah, so mom didn't get her cake ordered in the madness of Thanksgiving week, so she had her choice between a guitar cake and Eclipse.  She thought this one looked cool...even though she's never seen the movie!


Getting ready to play 'Kiss Justin Bieber' haha

She's got her bright red lipstick on

Oh yes.....she kissed him right on the lips (or bottom lip, I should say!)

Doesn't he look cute with red lipstick?! :)

It looks like I'm painting her teeth.  I swear I didn't.

Now Ava's turn.

Not quite tall enough, even on your tip toes, baby girl.

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