Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Her life in 2010

My sweet, sweet Ava...things are ever changing.

2010 has been a BIG year for you, and I wanted to take some time and reflect on everything that has happened in your life. are making one of your silly faces in this picture...but this is a BEFORE picture when you decided you wanted short hair like mommy.  The day before you graduated preschool.

Yeah, so that picture is just a little, ok, maybe A LOT blurry, but you get the idea.

You spend more than half of your life in a fit of laughter.   I wish I was more like you!

You went fishing with Papaw.

And on the dock with Kinsey.

Your confidence in your swimming skills improved and by mid summer you were swimming pretty confidently.

You went to the Cardinals exhibit.

You visited the City Museum.

We turned your bedroom into a 'BIG' girl room, but you still weren't quite ready to let go of your Tinkerbell blanket and rug.

You got your first alarm clock...thanks to Aunt B-Beth.

You started Kindergarten.

You started violin lessons.

You've been mommy's trusted taste tester...and you're always happy to oblige.  

AND just today you....

lost your very FIRST tooth.

I LOVE you, sweet Ava!!!

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