Thursday, December 09, 2010

Semi-off-the-hook until January

So, I had my post-op appointment with Ryan today.

I have a considerable more amount of swelling in my left side, which he said is because he had to do so much more pocket work on that side.  Incision sites look good, but a few of my stitches that are holding the muscle and Alloderm together are starting to poke through my skin.  He said these could break off, but if they start to become painful or irritated to call in, and Angie can cut them out for me.  Other than that, he ordered me to start my 'massages' to keep the implants soft and so it keeps the scar tissue broke up.

Amanda laughed and said, "Chris will definitely be wanting to assist with that."

Have I mentioned that I love having friends who can keep things with this whole process light?!  Because I totally do!

The other issue we addressed was the pain in my left arm.  He decided the best plan of action is to start physical and occupational therapy.  I did speak to my sister about it today (remember she's a physical therapist!)....she seems to also think there is nerve issues occurring, but because I'm having the numbness/tingling in my hand she said it could be possible that there is a blood-flow issue or something of the sorts. And, NO, she DID NOT tell me that to get me worried, but because she knows I like to be prepared for all possibilities.  I handle things much better when the are thrown at me, IF, I've known they were a possibility. At this point, I'm just anxious to get my evaluation done and getting a plan of treatment going.  I'm aware it's going to be painful, BUT after the ridiculous recovery for the actual mastectomy, I'm pretty sure I can handle it. :)

With therapy aside, I don't have a single doctor's appointment for a MONTH!!!  That's RIGHT....I'm semi-off-the-hook from all sorts of torture until January.  Can you sense my relief???  Because I TOTALLY AM.....relieved!

If you could though, please pray that all of this just turns out to be a pinched nerve, or just post surgical issues that can be corrected through therapy and NOT anything that could possibly require another surgery to fix.  Honestly, I'm just a little surgeried out!!!

on a side note:  Kristin and I are having a girls evening and getting our hair done.  YAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!  I'm just a tad excited!

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