Thursday, December 02, 2010

It was a big blur.....

First off, thank you, Amanda for taking me to the hospital yesterday.  It was good to have a friend there to keep the mood light.

Surgery started about 2 hours after initially planned, and only took about 45 minutes.

The last thing I remember is telling my anesthesiologist that I worry about the things I say once the versed kicks in. haha

Then I woke up in recovery, and thought I must be dreaming because I didn't feel any pain.  I sat up and looked around, and the nurse asked me if I was ok.  I told her yes, but that I was thirsty.

The next thing I remember is being back in the triage room I started the day in.

The nurse came in and gave Chris the card with my implant information on it, and I told him I wanted to look at it, but not understanding anything that was wrote on it.

I was in and out of it.

I remember being in the bathroom and looking at my breasts in the mirror, and being shocked that I didn't feel any pain.  I remember feeling a sense of relief that my skin didn't feel tight anymore.  And I remember poking them, and being amazed by how 'natural' they felt.

I don't remember walking from the bathroom back to my room, but I do remember getting dressed to go home.  I remember getting in the wheel chair but I don't remember anything between that point and then being at the door waiting for Amanda to pull the van to the front of the hospital, and then Chris and the nurse helping me get in the car.

I remember Amanda saying she was leaving and thanking her for being there.

Then I remember Chris asking me what I was doing, and realizing I was sitting on the floor, digging through the pots and pan cabinet for the 'right' pan for Dawnetta to cook the potatoes in.  Chris took it out of my hand, and asked me what needed to be done.  I told him that he needed to add the oil to the pan, and he told me to tell him when.  I did, and then he put the potatoes and onions in the pan.

I was in and out of it until we ate, and then after dinner.  I never had any pain.

I woke up around 8 pm, and my left arm was throbbing.  It still is today.  It seems weird to me because other than that, I'm in very little pain.

I've tried elevating it, icing it, and taking some pain medicine, but so far, nothing has really helped. I'm waiting for a phone call from Ryan's nurse, so in the meantime, please, pray specifically that this pain will resolve and that it's nothing to be concerned about.

As far as my implants, now that I'm actually 'functioning' I checked out my card info, and ended up with the exact size I wanted.  I'm really happy about that.

I'm still pretty tired, so I think I'm going to jump off here and lay back down, but I did want to give everyone a quick update on how yesterday and today have went.

Thank you for the continued prayers, encouraging emails, texts, etc.  It means the world to me.


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