Wednesday, December 08, 2010


A couple weeks ago I was contacted by Katie at Imperfect People about sharing my testimony.   Before I go any further I have to add that I have read on Katie's blog, and I absolutely ADORE it....and I know all of you will too!

I was, honestly, a little shocked that someone outside of my realm of friends and family was touched by our (Breanna's) story.  I don't know why.....I mean, even her cardio-thoracic surgeon told us her surgery and recovery were nothing short of a miracle.  And I know I share pieces of our life here on 'Pieces of my Heaven on Earth' and several people follow along with us, but to have someone want to share it with their was say the least.

We've emailed back and forth the past couple weeks, with me telling her pieces of our story....from my divorce, to meeting and falling in love with Chris, to have Breanna, her subsequent health problems, and all of mine.  Katie complied it all together and the end product had me in tears as I read through/mentally went back to that place in my life.  Thank you, Katie!

Without further here to read it.

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