Friday, July 09, 2010

Always Happy

With all the big kids being gone this week, I've realized just how much they keep Breanna entertained while I get things done around the house.  A lot more time is spent with her standing at my feet as I try to clean the house, make supper, etc.  

Yesterday, after I made the bed and was in the Master bath cleaning the toilet, she decided it would be fun to jump on my bed and throw the pillows all over the floor. I would pick them up and put them back on, and as soon as I'd go to do something else, she'd throw them right back off.

After the third time, I said, "Breanna stop doing that, it's making Mommy mad."  

She looked at me with a puzzled looked on her face for the better part of 5 seconds.

Then laughs.

She then says to me, "No, you not mad, Mommmmmm-EEE, you aweeeeze (always) happy."

Last night my husband tells me..."I had a gut wrenching moment today."

"Why was that?", I said.

"Well," he says, with such a complexity that I thought he was getting ready to tell me something that would be hard for me to hear, "I thought I lost my wedding ring."

"That's it?" I said, "you had me worried for a second?"

Then with disarray he says, "and you wouldn't have been upset if I would have, because it, literally, made me feel sick to my stomach."

I chuckled as I said, "Well, considering it's just your work ring...NO, I really wouldn't have thought a thing about it."

It's not the one I gave him the day we got married, not that I would be devastated if it was that one.  I mean, we've updated mine, so they aren't the ones he gave me the day we got married. He works for the Environmental Services and is constantly banging his hands on stuff.  He insists on wearing the darn thing to work, despite my apprehension and thinking 'one of these days he's going to get his finger ripped off because he wears it'.  Once we had had to get the original one buffed for the third time, I suggested buying a cheap tungsten one for work.  He ended up liking it so much that it's what he wears all the time.

He proceeds to tell me how the scenario played out...

"Tuffy and I were sitting in the break-room and he asked if he could see my ring because he liked it," he said in boastful voice.

Clearly he was proud Tuffy, his friend since childhood and the ordained minister who married us, had complimented him on this cheap and I mean $50 cheap 0verstock ring.

"Casondra got it for really cheap off the Internet", he tells him, "text her, and she'll give you the details."

There was so more discussion about it, and then it was time for both of them to go back to work.

Some time had passed when he reached with his thumb to spin it on his finger.

"Oh my....", he thought panicked, "Where's my wedding ring?"

This is where, according to him, he literally started feeling sick to his stomach.

"Did I not get it back from Tuffy?  What did I do after I left the break room?"...and a few more thoughts went through his head, when he remembered he had taken his gloves off not long before.

He reached down inside his glove...

And there it was.


I am staring at him, listening intently as he tells me this story with a such a passion that I am almost feeling his despair, when he says, "See, see why I was so upset about it?!...I really did think I lost it."

With a smirk on my face I say, "Wow, honey, I'm glad you love me so much that you feel sick over the thought of losing a $50, second, ring.  I feel honored."

Laughter erupts and he mutters..."You're stupid."

And this, my friends, is why I am aweeeeze happy!


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  2. LOL I tell Max all the time that he doesn't have to wear his ring to work but he still does. Scared to death he is going to rip his finger off sometime.