Wednesday, September 07, 2011

My Baby Started School

I thought this day would never come....actually I was hoping it wouldn't.

It's a true indication that my baby is truly no longer a baby, though she'll always be the baby to us.

I think it's fair to say that the big kids were just as excited about her going to school as she was.  They kept saying to her, 'Bre, you're such a BIG girl, you're going to school.'  And on Tuesday morning, after dressing, they all ran downstairs to tell her 'Happy First Day of School.'  And when they got off the bus in the afternoon, all three of them asked her if she had fun at school.

She was most excited about her 'bwutter-fly' backpack.

This picture was taken approximately .000002 seconds before she realized it was chilly outside, and started screaming, 'I'M COLD! I'M COLD!' so loudly that I'm sure all of our neighbors heard her, and further refused to take anymore pictures until I went and got her a 'jackie'.

We leave our house at 7:30 every morning since I have to drop Ava off at 5th Street, Kinsey and Big A at 10th Street, pick Keegan up from his sitter, and take him and Bre to preschool....all by 8 a.m.

Needless to say, it's going to take her some getting used to because like her mommy, Breanna is not a morning person.

Hence, the picture below. haha

This is her 'I'm-cold-and-tired-and-not-amused-by-you-being-in-my-face-with-a-camera' face. lol

But I did manage to get one good one of her and my nephew before walking into the school.

You'd never know that these two are just a mere 7 weeks apart in age.  He towers over her.

We get inside and as I'm talking to her teacher, she takes her shoes off and runs to go play with all the other kids.  No 'Bye Mom' or nothing.  Just as happy as can be.  That is until I came back to pick her up at 11, and ended up carrying her out of the school while she kicked and screamed because she wanted to stay and play. lol.  Good grief, she's such her daddy's daughter.

Today was her second day, and it went much smoother at pick-up.  I'm pretty sure the sucker might have had something to do with it. lol

When we got in the car I asked them what they did today and Keegan said, 'We made da bears.'  Bre chimes in, 'And we gwed, and gwed, and gwed some more.'  (Glued).  Keegan said, "Yeah, we GA-WOO'ED dem bears!  And my bear says, 'What's up fa-woks?'" (What's up folks?).  Bre started giggling and said, 'My bear just says, 'GROWL!'"  Then they both started laughing. 

Silly kids.

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