Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday's fave Five 9-23

1.  Anniversaries.  We all like to celebrate special occasions, don't we?!  I know I certainly do.  And this is one anniversary that will always be special to me.  Today, I've been NED (No evidence of disease) for ONE YEAR!  One year ago today, my life changed forever.  One year ago today, I lost a part of my womanhood, but gained a new perspective on life.  Thank you all for walking along beside me during this journey.

2.  Field Trips, and School Functions.  What better way to spend this day than to be hanging out with my favorite little people.  Big A had a field trip to Spring Mills today.  What started out to looking like a gloomy day, turned out to be beautiful.  The sun is shining bright today in Southern Indiana.  We also have the PTO chili supper at Ava's school tonight, and a hometown football game to follow. 

3.  Birthday parties.  Tomorrow we will be celebrating Breanna's 4th Birthday.  I can't believe my baby is almost FOUR.  Where in the world did the time go?...I have no clue.  I always tell her no matter how old she is, she'll always be the baby.  'I don't care if you're 80, you'll always be my baby.'

4.  The Herald Article.  Holy smokes, I never expected to make the FRONT PAGE of the paper.  Wow.  What an honor.  I posted it on here yesterday for my friends, family, and out of town teammates to be able to read it, and I'm blown away by the outpouring of love, support, and kind comments about it.  Not to mention, several of my family members linked it to their F*acebook profiles, and in 24 hrs I've had an insane number of blog hits.  It's truly humbling that my story resonates with others who have faced the same things, or know someone else who has.  I was in tears last night reading emails from people in my community that found me via FB search and told me their stories.  SIMPLY AMAZING, and heartbreaking at the same time.

5.  Matthew West.  I love everything Matthew West sings...especially 'Save a Place For Me'.  Earlier dad sent me a link to this song....and it truly sums it up.  I always say I don't think it's accurate when people say, 'God promises to not give you more than you can handle.'  He promises not to give us more than He can handle.  When we realize that He is ultimately the reason we are able to face hardships in this life, we come to the understance that now matter the outcome, we will be okay.  He'll give us the strength to handle it.

Take a minute to listen....

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