Tuesday, January 18, 2011


This year is the first summer that my big girls will spend 9 weeks of their summer break in Louisiana with their dad and stepmom....meaning we only have them the first week they were supposed to be off of school, but with all the recent snow-days, it looks like at least a couple of those days will be spent at school.

So, we decided to plan our yearly vacation with the kids during their Spring Break.  We generally do something every other year when we have the big kids during their Spring Break, but it's generally something smaller like spending a few days in Indianapolis going to the Zoo and Children's Museum.

But this year....we've decided to splurge (but on a budget!) and take the kids to Disney World!!!  I think I'm just as excited as they are. lol

I've spent several hours the past two days printing out info on different Resorts and package deals, so that I can lay them all out together and we can compare our options.

I've received several emails from friends who have went before and offered advice on what's worth the money and what's not.

So far the consenses say the Park Hopper is a must have!

For a family of six, I've also heard that the Quick Dining option is a good way to go.

As far as lodging, with a family size of six, the choices are limited.

I really wanted to stay at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge but with a minimum price tag of almost $800/night, it's quite a bit more than we'd like to spend on lodging!

So, it looks like we'll either be staying at The Cabins at Fort Wilderness or The All-Star Music Resort.  Both places look like fun....but the All-Star Music Resort has TWO bathrooms (and let's face it...that may be important), but The Cabins have walking trails, marshmellows roasting, a nightly BBQ, and their own private decks/grill area.  I'm leaning towards The Cabins because it just seems like it's more fitting for our family.

Have any of you ever stayed at either of these Resorts?  And if so, what did you think of them?

Currently, I'm also debating between what character meal I'd like to plan to take the kids to!  They look like A LOT of fun, and everyone who has made suggestions to me, said they are a MUST!

Suggestions are definitely welcome!


  1. I'm jealous!! But so happy that you get to take your family to Disney!!! That will be AWESOME! I have no suggestions because I've never went but I wish you all the most fun ever!!!

  2. We ate at Ft. Wilderness a couple of nights...it was a BLAST! That was 11 years ago, though! Call me OCD, but, the night before, I mapped out where we going to go the next day. We hit the park as soon as it opened, spent the morning there, back at the hotel around lunch time to eat, swim, and nap (hottest part of the day...we went during the summer), then back out in the evening and closed the park down. We saw/did everything we wanted to, and had time to go back and do some things again, or do other things that weren't on the list! Oh, you're going to have such a great time!

  3. I worked at Disney for a while and my favorite place to stay out of the two was the All star. I loved it!

  4. My husband stayed at the Music resort as a teenager and LOVED IT! He said the pool was awesome!

  5. how FUN! i can't wait to hear all the things you decide to do :)

  6. OOHHH We went last year and the kids had a BLAST!! Its worth every cent! SO glad y'all are going. We stayed in a time share so no help on where to stay but when I was little we were in Ft wilderness ALL THE TIME and LOVED it!
    Have fun planning