Saturday, January 08, 2011


Wednesday evening Ava's cheek's started turning pink (like they ALWAYS do when an asthma attack is pending).  Chris helped her pull up Taylor Swift video's on YouTube while she took a breathing treatment.  Before bed her temperature started rising, and I gave her a dose of Motrin.  Early in the a.m. she got back up and was struggling with breathing so we started her every 6 hour breathing treatments.

Thursday she laid around the entire morning, and I could barely get her to drink anything.  By early afternoon her fever was reaching 104-105 range by the time she was ready for another dose of Tylenol/Motrin, so I called Dr Luff to ask him what we needed to do.

He said because of her history with RSV he felt it was best to head on over to the ER to at least get her a bolus of fluids, and depending on what her chest X-Ray showed, they might send her home and then he would follow up with her the next day (at the appointment I had called in and scheduled for her earlier that day), or they might admit her.

We got to the hospital, and in the ER they were having a hard time keeping her temp down.  They did 3 chest X-Ray's, a urinalysis, 2 blood cultures, flu swab, and a whole rainbow of blood work.

Dr Lilly came in around 11 and told us that she had a pretty severe urinary tract/kidney infections, and they felt it best to admit her.  Her chest X-Ray had come back clear, so they just started her on Rocephin to treat the UTI/kidney infections.

It ended up being a blessing that they did admit her, because around 4 a.m. her sat levels dropped very low, and they started her on breathing treatments and 1L of oxygen.  Between 4 and 5 she was struggling so much to breath that they increased her oxygen two more times, and she ended up on 5L.

Around 8 a.m. we went down for a repeat chest X-Ray and it showed some spotty-ness in the left lung, but nothing that was completely indicative of pneumonia, but when Dr Luff made rounds and listened to her, he said she had 'crackling' in her left lung and that was indicative of pneumonia, so they started her on Azythromycin for that.

So as of Friday she had started getting breathing treatments every 4 hours, fluids were running at 75 cc's/hr, Tylenol/Motrin every 3, and both her antibiotics.

By this morning, she was able to decrease her wall oxygen to just as needed.  Her IV was hep. locked but not removed so that she can still receive her IV antibiotics, and so they can re-start fluids if need be.  She's still on breathing treatments which she will go home on, but overall, she is feeling a lot better than yesterday.

She's actually had enough energy to sit up and play with her doll house the nurse's gave her, and she's been more vocal today about her uncomfortableness.  lol.

She was really excited Mrs Truelove came to visit her yesterday after school, and she was smiling ear-to-ear when she told her dad about her visit when they video chatted on Skype.

Nana came and stayed with her for a couple hours last night so that I could go home and get a few things and eat with Chris and the other kids.

Today, the kids came and visited her for a little bit.  She was happy to have Breanna bugging her, as usual.  The big kids were too engrosed with watching YouTube video's to really 'visit' with her much, but she was happy to just have them in the room.

We did run down to the cafeteria to get some lunch and came back to find her crying because the string had come off her balloon and her balloon was on the ceiling.  Breanna came to the rescue.....daddy lifted her up and she grabbed the balloon.   Catastrophe averted...Ava was happy again.

The plan is to do one more round of IV antibiotics and then release her in the morning. YAY!!!

Thanks to all who have called, email, FB'ed to check in on her.  The prayers are very appreciated.

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