Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Day 07 - A picture of your most treasured item.

I debated not putting pictures of my kids, because they aren't really 'items'. 
They are angels.
On loan to me from our Almighty God.
But they are treasures in my life.
Aside from Chris...they are the most treasured people in my life.

Big A and Kinsey

So different, yet so much alike.
They are 8 months apart.
Big A is Chris's son from his first marriage, and Kinsey is my daughter from mine.
From the minute they met at the ages of 4 and 4, these two have been inseparable every.single.time they are together.
They both have these funny/sarcastic personalities and they are constantly mocking things each other says.
Favorite lines...Kinsey quoting Big A...'Is this REAL food?'
When he said this at the restaurant, Kinsey burst into laughter and said, 'well what else is it?'
(he meant it as in is this the meal...or appetizer?)

Big A quoting Kinsey..."Let's go, let's go...ummmm....where are we going?"
(We were going on a bike ride, and she didn't know which way to go)
But they found it so funny that it's now a 'funny quote'.

I know that's probably not funny to anyone else, but it has me in tears laughing every time I hear them do it in their imitation voices.
Sure they have their little spats, but they never last more than a few minutes.
When Big A is at his mom's the girls ask non-stop when he's coming back (even though for the past three years he comes to our house at the same time every other week)
And when the girls are in LA for the summer, he ask every week he's here...when will Kinsey be home.

They make up dances, stories, games...they are such creative kids.

They make me think back to having been blessed with my own step-brother who was the exact same age as me, and the close bond we had growing up.

I hope they always stay as close as they are now.

At our favorite place on earth!
My grandparents lot on the lake.
I grew up going here on the weekends during the summer, and my kids love it.

It's truly a relaxing place that I hope will be enjoyed for generations to come.
Hopefully, some day we will find property close to it to build our 'forever home' on.
aka...where we retire, one of these days.

Little A
I don't call them Big and Little to disguise their names...it's just I (well actually Chris and I both do) have a tendency to combine their names when talking to them and call one or both of them 'Avan', so it's just easier to call them Big and Little A.

This kid has a love for life that is unparalleled to any I've ever seen.
She's happy 99% of the time, and 99% of that time (when not in school) she's in a fit of laughter.
She's soft-spoken, wise beyond her years...everyone tells me she has an 'old soul'.
And she's very eclectic.
My mom always ask me, 'Casondra, why are you letting her wear that?'
My answer is always simple: Because it's Ava!!! She's not a conformist. I would never try to change her, because I ADORE that about her.
She loves music.  All kinds of music.
So much of Ava reminds me of my friend, Kate.
I wouldn't be surprised for Ava to be my child who travels the world, just because.
She's just such a free-spirit.

Baby B...Breanna

The baby of our 'brady bunch'...she runs the show.
All the older kids adore her.
As do all of our neighborhood kids.
Breanna has a larger than life personality.
She's constantly on the go...something that is so shocking to us, because we were told after her open heart surgery that she'd tire easily.
But she's up with the big ones, very few naps, and doesn't go to bed until we make her lay down (with us).
I know, I know.  It's a terrible habit, and one that I DID NOT form with any of my other children, but cut me some slack...she's THE LAST one.
And honestly, between the heart issues, and sleep apnea issues she had, I just feel better being able to hear her breathe.
She, along with the three other kids are the reason I wake up every morning.
The reason I've spent 847247389489638917 hours doing laundry, cleaning up messes, kissing boo boo's, cooking meals, planning birthday parties and vacations, taking pictures, snuggling, going to doctor's appointments, reading books, doing homework, and all the other millions of things moms do.
They are the only reason I was scared when I got my diagnosis.
They are the loves of my life..my reason for breathing...my reason for wanting to be the BEST me possible.

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