Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Meal Planning Tuesday (updated w/pricing)

Meal Planning Tuesdays


Meal Planning Tuesday!

oh how my budget has missed thee.

I'm not going to post the days with each of these, because I tend to make them out of order either due to my own food cravings or the kids', so I'll just be posting what we will be having with the ingredients that go along with those meals.

This is how I manage to feed a family of six on a budget.

If the prices aren't marked, it's because I already have these ingredients and did not need to purchase them today.

Asian Glazed Drumsticks (already had all these ingredients)
soy sauce
agave nectar
balsamic vinegar
minced garlic

Chicken Salad
chicken - bought a 5 lb bag for $10.98
red pepper - 2 for $3.88
lime juice - .88
low-fat yogurt - $2.50

Baked Crab Cakes
crab meat - $7.68
ritz crackers - $1.38
red bell pepper (same as above)
lime juice (same as above)
parsley -
s & p
scallions - $2.38

English Muffin Pizza's
wheat English Muffins - $4.00
pizza sauce/bbq
grilled chicken - $2.98
crumbled bacon
mozzarella cheese
bell peppers - 3 for $3.72

Turkey Wraps
Ranch dressing
cream cheese - $3.64
tortillas - $1.78
sliced turkey - $11.22
sliced cheese - $3.98
tomatoes - $3.77
avocado - $1.48
shredded lettuce - $1.50

Italian Focaccio Sandwiches
rotisserie chicken $7.98
ranch dressing
green onions
Focaccia - $2.68

Citrus Chicken
boneless chicken breast halves
Hidden Valley Dressing mix
chicken broth - $1.78
orange marmalade - $1.88

I'll post pricing after I go to the grocery store tomorrow, and I'll be posting the recipes for the dishes I listed above which are not already on here.

Don't worry...this shopping trip will not be breaking bank as I planned many of these meals around coupons I have, and/or some items I already have in my cabinets/refrigerator.

I purchased several other items for the other meals besides supper that we have each day, and items needed for side dishes, as well.

Milk, asparagus, toaster strudel (because I had a coupon), my Chai Tea concentrate, flavored yogurt, garlic cresent rolls, corn, potatoes, butter, and some cleaning supplies, to name a few.

After coupons, my GRAND TOTAL was: $133.17.

I'm sure I could get this total down a little more by making my own breads (I do have a bread maker), and a few other things from scratch.  But I stayed well within my weekly allowance for food, and being a busy mom, it's easier to have some items on hand that you can throw together for quick meals.

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