Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Wrestling and Rambunctious Kids

A had his first wrestling meet tonight. It was a nice escape from what has become the 'normal' in our lives lately.

He did really well. I was impressed, to say the least.

The girls were wound up and not wanting to 'sit' on the bleachers. We finally gave in and just let them go play on the floor. At one point, Chris looked down at them and made a comment about all the kids down there rolling, crawling, scooting, etc around on the floor.

Have there ever been times in your lives when you have been embarrassed because your kids aren't proper and well behaved at all times? I looked down at them and thought, I really wish my kids weren't 'those kids'...the ones rolling around on the floor. But tonight, this is a battle I just simply don't want to fight. I want to enjoy being out amongst other adults. Not sitting in our house...focusing on what our life has become. No thoughts of meal planning, glucose checking, insulin shots, or heart monitors. Just us enjoying watching our children being entertained.

I praise God for the wonderful weather we are continuing to have. The sunshine does have the ability to brighten the spirit, and rejuvenate the soul.

Oh, how I wish it could stay daylight all day and night.

But I know that is not possible just like it was not possible to not come home, and be snapped back into reality.

It seems as though here lately we climb a small hill only to be standing at the foot of a mountain.

And this mountain I am standing at the bottom of is the steepest one I have had to climb.

My mind won't slow long enough to rest. Please pray specifically for this!

LORD, I need your comfort tonight. I love my daughter more than life itself, and I need the strength to keep believing this is all for a reason. That she is suffering for a reason. I know this is Your will. And that You are the same You were yesterday, and will be tomorrow. That you weep for Breanna just like I do. I just need You to remind me of that from time to time. I am only human, and I hurt for my child, the way You hurt for all of Your children.

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  1. After many, many years of sitting on bleachers watching my oldest playing basketball, I know how hard it is for little ones to sit through that kind of stuff. I became queen of the goody bag which was filled with crayons, hot wheels, dolls, snack. Whatever I could think of. LOL.

    May God's strength surround you and His peace & hope fill your heart and soul!