Sunday, December 15, 2013

Infinity Scarf 101 (So Easy an 8 Year Old Can Make One)

For Christmas this year, the girls and I decided to put our crafty skills to use and make homemade gifts for the females in our family.

Besides the 15 lbs of sugar, oil, and honey we used to make various body scrubs, we've also been putting our knitting looms to use making infinity scarfs.

They are really easy to make, and can dress up any outfit.

I posted a picture of Kinsey working on one, and we got several requests to make more AND a few requests for the instructions on how to make these beauties.

Supplies needed:
- Knitting Loom
-Loom Hook

Step 1:  Anchor your yarn with a simple knot.  

Step 2:  Wrap the yarn around the first peg in a counterclockwise loop.  The girls call it 'making a cursive e'.

Step 3: Continue doing this on each peg...alternating sides.  The girls call this 'making an 8'.

Step 4:  Once I get to the end, I rotate my loom.  This time you will wrap clockwise.  The last peg will only have one loop..each time.

Step 5: Once you finish this step 4, your loom will look like this.  Take your loom hook and lift the bottom yarn loop over the top one, working down both sides of the loom.

Step 6: Push the yarn down so that it doesn't come off the loom, and repeat steps 4 and 5.

When you reach the desired length, attach the two ends of the scarf using a flat seam.

To wear, give it a quick twist and slip it over your head.

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