Tuesday, November 05, 2013

DWD and Our Master Bedroom

Today was 'Donuts with Dad' at school today.

The girls, who are normally difficult less than pleasant, to get up for school in the mornings, were all up, dressed, and ready to go within about 15 minutes this morning.

They were really excited that Poppy was going to be eating breakfast with them...at school.

And I am really thankful that going to these things is a priority to him. 

Love my little family!

Last night after Bill got home from work, I talked him into re-arranging our bedroom furniture.

We recently moved our living room TV to above the fireplace, so I've been trying to figure out what to do with the corner TV stand.  

And yesterday, I re-arranged the living room furniture, at the suggestion of my neighbor (Thanks for the tip, Sherry), so that the window looking out into our lovely backyard wouldn't be completely covered by a couch, but still had a good flow for conversation.

The TV stand is a similar finish to our headboard, and it's a lot smaller than the HUGE entertainment center we had in our bedroom, so I threw out the idea of using it in our room.

We had taken the entertainment center out of our bedroom a few weeks ago, and just had our TV sitting on a small table.

But we only have one corner in our bedroom that we could put it, and it meant we would have to re-arrange all the furniture in our room.

I asked Bill if he cared, and of course, being the usually-lets-me-have-my-way husband that he is, he said he was ready for a new furniture arrangement anyways.  

We moved our bed to the other wall (even though you are no longer looking at the foot of the bed when you walk in the room.), switched out curtains, and lugged the entertainment center upstairs.


Even though we still have the same number of pieces in our room, I think the new layout makes the room feel a lot bigger.

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