Friday, June 17, 2011

Summer Day Complete with History Lesson

We had to make a quick run to Big A's orthodontist this morning, and I had a nail appointment in preparation for the wedding tomorrow, so in between I decided to take the kids to our county museum.  There are all kinds of cool pieces of our county's history there, not to mention some play areas, so the entire family can enjoy it.

Checking out a butter churn. 

Silly kids.

Pretending to write in the old schoolhouse set-up.

Time to play dress-up.

'Dancing' in the wooden shoes.  I was literally in tears laughing when Big A did an impersonation of clogging for me.

Then he started laughing...and may or may not have snorted, which caused a chain effect of more laughing.

I taught him how to build a Lincoln Log house.  He told me, 'You're a really awesome house builder.' lol
If he only knew how often I played with lincoln logs when I was HIS age.

The lightening wasn't the best for pictures taken with a cell phone in some of the areas, but I love this one that Aidan snapped of me and Breanna rocking.

After we got done there we drove across the street to my nail appointment.

While I was under the nail dryer....

Tasha gave Breanna her first 'real' manicure. 

Purple nails with pink hearts.

She was so proud that when we got in the car she said, 'Aidan, do you want to get your nails painted purple like mine?'  He said, 'I'm a boy so I don't get my nails painted.'  She said, 'But they are REALLY pretty! Let's go get a chicken sandwich from Barbadee's'

Translation:  Roast beef from Arby's.

A busted out laughing and said, 'I love having Breanna for a sister.  She says the funniest stuff. Can we really go to Arby's though?'

So, we ran to Arby's to grab some lunch and headed to the Armory park.

All the slides that were sun exposed where very hot, and they kids were getting pretty sweaty so we decided to head home and play in the splash pool for a little bit.

Aidan informed me that he likes this picture of us and it is ALMOST as good as the pictures of me and him from our trip to Patoka Lake.  Thanks buddy!  You sure know how to melt my heart!!!

Time for a little cool-down, and Just Dance before we have to head off to the wedding rehearsal.

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