Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Chicken Salad Taco's

Just because I haven't posted a food blog in a LONG time...

and maybe because my cupboards are almost bare (I haven't been grocery shopping since we got back from our trip in an attempt to use up all or most of the items that we still had in an attempt from saving them from going bad).

Because my kids will eat these any day of the week.

and lastly because I can sneak in a few extra ingredients and the kids have no clue they are in there.

See those pepers right there...yeah...my kids pick them out of everything I cook....UNLESS....I trick them by using THIS item below.

Whoever invented this wonderful piece of machine/cooking item is pure GENIUS in my book!

And this is how it's done folks....

Binding ingredients.  2 Tbsp of each.

Add half a packet of taco seasoning and Ranch dressing mix, and mix together really well.

Trust me, the dressing mix gives it an unexpected hint of pure pleasure in your mouth.

Put some mixture on a taco shell.

Yes....we're totally using paper plates tonight.
I know....I know....Kate, I'm terrible.
I even have a dishwasher.
I just want to have a lazy night of cuddling with my kids watching Tangled, and then a late night of cuddling with Chris watching our new releases after he gets home from his CPR renewal class.
So, paper plates it is....and ugly floral ones at that!  :)

Top with lettuce and cheese for the kids.
Lettuce, cheese, and salsa for Chris and I.

And you have a yummy, quick meal with some veggies snuck in!

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