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What On Earth Are These Oils All About???

My name is Casondra and I'm addicted to oils.

Lots and lots of oils.

I use them for EVERYTHING!!!

It wasn't always this way.  For a year or so, I just watched a few of my friends rave about them repeatedly on their social media sites, and quite frankly, I really thought they were insane.  How could some essential oils make anyone feel better than medicine a doctor gave them?  I mean, sure, I'd used them in our humidifier to 'scent' the air, but wasn't that really all they were good for?!  A  couple months ago I got really sick.  I mean really, REALLY sick.  A sweet, sweet nurse introduced me to Young Living Essential Oils.  Peppermint, in particular, to help with a migraine that no amount of meds the doctors were giving me were even touching.  She put it on a cotton ball to diffuse it in my room and within minutes I was starting to feel some relief.  So much so that when Bill accidentally threw it away, I asked him to go find her so she could give me another one.

After doing some research, and realizing all the things that each oil in the Everyday Oil kit is good for, I told Bill that I'd really like the Premium Starter Kit as a Christmas Gift.  

And so the story goes....he bought me this amazing kit with all these beautiful bottles of oily goodness that I am now addicted to.

I've been getting the questions a lot here lately, 'What on earth are these oils all about?  What do you use them for?'  So I thought it easiest to just do a mini run-down of each oil that comes in the PSK (Premium Starter Kit).  But to answer the question of what do I use them for.... I use them for practically EVERYTHING!

I make beauty products, cleaning products, allergy products, mood lifting oils aka PMS oil for my oldest diva, sleep oil, bath bombs and salts.

I would seriously love to write about all my favorites but it would take you 2 hours to read so I'll stick with the products in the PSK because they are all so great.  I honestly don't know how Young Living narrowed it down to these 10 plus the bonus oil (Citrus Fresh).

So without further ado....

1.  THIEVES.   I'm not sure I could live without this oil.  If I had to give up all other oils and could only keep one, it would be this one.  This oil is known for it's anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-infectious properties.    It was created based off research about a group of 15th century thieves who rubbed oils on themselves to avoid contracting the plague while they robbed the bodies of the dead and dying.  Once caught, they were forced to disclose the formula of herbs, spices and oils they used to protect themselves in exchange for a more lenient punishment.  

I often diffuse this oil after the girls get home from school to pull air-borne microorganisms out of the air that they have brought home from school, and I have them rub it on their feet prior to going to school.  I am convinced it is what has got us through flu season this year with none of us having caught the flu.  *knock on wood*  I HIGHLY recommend this gem of an oil for everyone.

2.  MELALEUCA ALTERNIFOLIA  (aka TEA TREE OIL).  This oil is antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral.....and the biggest thing it's know for ANTIPARASITIC.  That's right....this is the oil you want in your arsenal if your child comes home with the dreaded head lice paper from school.  Enough said on that before we all start itching.

3.  LAVENDER.  Let me just start off by saying that when I first got my kit, I was NOT a fan of Lavender.  I've never been a fan of lavender scented lotions or candles or bath products, and I was so disappointed to find out that A LOT of the recipes I wanted to try called for Lavender.  I just plugged my nose because the benefits to this oil are AMAZING and guess what...the grew on me.  I just put in an order for a big bottle of it because I use it THAT much.  This oil is so versatile.  It's the oil that if you are questioning what oil you should use for something, Lavender is probably the answer.   It helps with respiratory infections, high blood pressure, menstrual problems/PMS, acne, eczema, psoriasis, scarring, stretch marks, burns, cuts, insomnia, nervous tension.  I can not say enough good about this oil.  Everyone needs this oil.  EVERYONE!

4. PANAWAY.  This one is great for aches and pains.  I use this one on Bill's back when his sciatica is acting up.  I had another friend use it on her shoulder when it was aching and it got rid of her pain.  I also use it in a mix I created for a friend of mine for her migraines and she said that they get rid of them every time.  I like to mix a few drops of this in with some Epsom Salt and pour into my bath to ease my muscles.

5.  PEPPERMINT.  This is another really versatile oil.  First thing in the morning, I put a drop of Peppermint in my hands, cup them over my nose and take a few deep breaths in.  INSTANT ENERGY!!!  Peppermint is also good for upset tummies, fevers, inflammation, indigestion, curbing appetite, congestion, removing ticks, bad breath, and arthritis...just to name a few. This is one that will always, ALWAYS be in my stash as well.  

6.  STRESS AWAY.  This is just like it sounds....a little bottle of stress away....that smells like key lime pie to me.  It's made up of Copaiba, Lime, Cedarwood, Vanilla, Ocotea, and Lavender.  Ava had to have a couple MRI's today and her entire body had to go in the tube.  Needless to say, she was NERVOUS.  So, I rubbed this on the back of her neck and on her wrist before she went in and she handled it like a champ.  This is another one I like to add to bath time.

7.  LEMON.  Lemon is SO good in water.  Now I know what you're thinking....can't I just add a slice of an actual lemon to my glass of water?  I could but lemon oil comes from the rind so the constituents are's actually better for you.  Lemon oil is known for being antitumoral, antiseptic, an immune stimulant, helps improve memory (yes, it's a great oil to diffuse while your little ones are doing their homework!), and relaxation (I rub this one on Bre at night before bed).

8.  FRANKINCENSE.  This is one of the oldest Essential Oils.  Do you remember hearing about this blessed little oil in church? When one of the wise men gave it to baby Jesus as a gift along with Myrrh and Gold?   Frankincense is amazing for skin which is why you will find it in almost every skin care recipe there is on Pinterest.  It's also considered the 'holy anointing oil' in the Middle East.   It has antitumoral, antidepressant, and anti-inflammatory properties.

9.  PURIFICATION.  Purification is an oil I use on a daily basis because I add it to every load of laundry I do.  It disinfects and neutralizes mildew and disagreeable odors.  If you burn something on the stove or in the oven....diffuse a few drops of purification and within minutes, the smell is gone.  If your garage disposable is starting to smell a little yucky...a drop of this will get rid of it.  But that's not all it does.  Purification will also disinfect and clean cut, scrapes and bites from spiders, bees, and wasps.  This is another oil the I will never be without.  

10.  JOY.  This oil is one that girls and I like to wear in our diffuser necklaces with a drop of lemon or orange or we rub it over our hearts when we need to be 'lifted up'.  It's an energetic blend of oils that lifts your spirit and mind.  Ahem....PMS oil for the oldest diva.

So there you have it.

Now, I need to tell you that the PSK also comes with several other goodies.

Some samples packets of Ningxia Red which is our Antioxidant Drink and it is delicious.  10 samples of Lemon, Lavender, Peace & Calming, Thieves, and Peppermint to share with your friends and family and a 5 mL bottle of Citrus Fresh which may just be my FAVORITE oil of all.  Because I love, love, LOVE all things citrus and it smells heavenly when you diffuse it.

If you are interested in checking out any of these oils you can do so over at  

Anyone who signs up for the PSK and mentions this blog post will get a FREE orange oil, 3 roller bottles, and a copy of my Chemical Free Home.

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  1. OK. I'm in. I'm supposed to be getting injections in my hip to help with my bursitis and I'd rather not. If the oils can help this and other aches and pains then it will be worth it.