Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Even If You Don't Know Me....Can We Just Pretend For a Moment That We're Friends?

Everytime I start to write this post something stops me dead in my tracks and I don't know what it is exactly or that talking about things like this can be a bit, errrrrr, awkward for me sometimes.  I'm a closet introvert.  Talking to new people, and sometimes people I know, is a HARD thing for me.  Which I'm sure some of you find to be a strange confession because Cassie and E always used to tell me that I was the one who made the friends for our group of friends.

But anyways, I don't want what I am about to write overshadow what I know about Young Living Essential Oils, and that is that they are legit, people!  If you are educated AND consistent in your use of these products, they will work for you.    

So, even if you don't know me.....can we just pretend for a moment that we're friends?  Can we pretend that you know my heart???  That you've heard my testimony.  That I wouldn't just try to sell you some crap just to sell you some crap that doesn't work.  These oils....they are changing our lives.

I have to be upfront with you and tell you that Young Living is a multi-level marketing company.  If you didn't know that, you do now.  It was truly the one thing that made me a bit uneasy when that amazing nurse gave me that cotton ball soaked in peppermint oil.   I love me some Jamberry.  I love supporting the single Mama's out there who work those second jobs on the side in MLM to pay for extra curricular activities, etc  But here's the thing...YL products, are genuinely so awesome that I'm not trying to sell you something just to sell you something....I'm simply sharing my love for a product that has changed my life.  And maybe it's a road that you've never thought to travel for yourself and your healthy.  Let me tell this, in the world of health, this one isn't often traveled, but as I've's so worth it.

What I've learned is that unlike most MLM companies, YL distributors are simply out to share the love because EO's are simply the bomb.  To put it simply...they will rock your face off.  They work.  They help with aches, pains, allergies, health, wellness, and pretty much everything in between.  To put it simply....You name it....There's an oil for that!

I don't think many of us honestly join the oily world thinking about the business side of these amazing products....we just want to use our oils and go about our marry little ways.  But then we use the oils.  And we fall IN LOVE.  And then one day it happens, you can't help but tell every single person you know because, well, they are just that awesome.  And then you see a friend post about their allergies or their child's rash and reach out to them, because....THERE'S AN OIL FOR THAT!  Then your husband may tell you that you have an obsession, but who is he to talk?  I mean, he asks you to put your 'voodoo oils' on him every time he sees you putting them on yourself or one of the kids...because folks, they truly work and even he knows it.

So you start sharing about them on your social media and one day it happens...a friend or family member seeks you out because they have to try these oils that they keep seeing you praise.  They, too, want to find a healthier alternative to OTC medicines, cleaners, and other products that contain insane chemicals.  So you add a couple products to your ER order for them, and once they see for themselves...they are ready to jump on board.  They want their Premium Starter Kit, because how on earth could you possibly pass up such a great deal?  11 oils, a diffuser, plus so much more to get your health on track for the cost of a cell phone bill!!!

Long story short, these oils sell themselves.  And it is SO very rewarding to work with a product you use and believe so strongly in because you get to see lives transformed.  For the better.  

The best part?  There's absolutely no catch!!!

You're not going to feel good temporarily at the expense of another problem popping up down the road.  (As a cancer survivor, I know this all too well!)  You aren't going to be take an Advil or Tylenol everyday for headaches and find out 10 years down the road that it caused damage to your liver.

These oils....they are 100% pure, natural, therapeutic grade oils.   And the health benefits you get from them are unbelievable.  I really have no idea why I held off on getting started using them myself but I can honestly say that it was a God thing that lead me to them.

So what are the benefits to becoming a wholesale member even if you don't want to be a 'Life Dropper'?  Wholesale members save 24% on ALL the products they purchase.  There is no monthly membership and there is absolutely no commitment to sell anything, though that option is there if you would chose.  It's like a BJ's or Sam's membership for OILS!  You only have to place ONE $50 order per year to keep your membership active, but unlike with BJ's or Sam's you actually get $50 worth of product and not just the membership.  How awesome is that?!

There are two kit options:  One is with the regular Home or Dew Drop Diffuser.  And the second with the Aroma Diffuser is $10 more but the diffuser is a bit more sleek (if you like that look) and it covers a little more square footage.

We also have an amazing ER program that I like to call our Frequent Buyers Club where you can actually earn points for FREE oils.  AMAZING!!!

So what do you say....are you ready to take control of your health?  Are you ready to say good-bye to toxic chemicals that could be harming you and your family?

If you are interested in learning more and or getting started with Life Drops:  You can find me here.

*If you have previously been talking to another distributor about YL and want to sign up, please contact them.

***Disclaimer:  I am not a medical professional.  All opinions and experiences talked about in this post are my own.***

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