Monday, September 30, 2013

Happy 6th Birthday, Sweet Girl

WHOA!!!  How is it possible that you are 6 already?  Or that you are on the verge of losing your 4th tooth?

It seems like just yesterday Momma Evan and I were sitting in the NICU, sobbing joyous tears, as I got to Kangaroo care for you for the first time.

I will never forget Sam scrapbooking the hair they had to shave for your PICC line.

Or seeing the beauty of life after your surgery.

Your first night home from Riley's.

Your belly giggles.

And big blue eyes.

You hated my hair after I was sick.  

You kept asking for a mirror so you could look at your Panda-self, and would laugh and laugh.

I think you were born to be a fish, because you love water.

Remember when you went through that Minnie Mouse stage?!  You wanted to wear this dress every day.

You've always been a Mommy's girl.

And a Kinsey and Ava girl.

5 has been a fun year for you.  It was just the four of us for awhile.

We went to Gattitown to celebrate Kinsey's big 1-0!

Had a lot of fun playdates at the park.

And then you met and fell in love with this guy.

He was wrapped around your finger from the first night.

But how could he not be?

You light up everyone's life.

You graduated preschool, and we moved to Charlotte.

You started a new school that you absolutely love.

As you always say, 'WE got married.'  

Poppy said vows to you three and gave you necklaces to symbolize his commitment to you, just like he did me.  We mixed sand to symbolize that our lives are intertwined in a way that can never be separated.

WE got married!  All of us.

You are so loved.

And your love is so great!

We spent your birthday weekend at the beach with Lele, Grandma Lola, Papaw Jim, Aunt Jeannette, Uncle Leonard, Donna, Chris, Kevin, and Bryce and had the best time.

This morning you opened your eyes, and excitedly said, 'I AM SIX!'

Then you darted into our bedroom to get your morning snuggles with Poppy.

You were singing as you left for school this morning, and were so excited about getting to have lunch with us and take cupcakes for your class.

You truly light up our world!


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