Friday, September 06, 2013

A Recap

It's that time again.  That morning of the week that I sit down with my journal, reflect on our amazingly blessed life, and attempt to figure out my five favorite moments/things.  Sometimes, that's much harder than one might imagine - this week is definitely one of those weeks.

1. Time Spent with E and my new breast cancer tervis.  This isn't from this week (last week's scheduled FFF didn't post for some reason, so it's forwarding to this week because it's one of my favorite things from the past month.  A couple weeks ago, I had the opportunity to spend a long weekend in Indy with E.  For those of you that know us and our friendship, you know how happy that made me.  For those of you who don't really know, I'll say this, there is no one aside from my husband who knows me as well as E does.  She's an extension of me...a piece of my heart walking around 600+ miles away.  I love her like my sister (and I realized a few weeks ago that Bre actually thinks she IS my sister), and I'd die for her like I would my girls.  She is an integral part of my family.

Sometimes our visits are few and far between, so I knew I had to jump on the chance to spend the weekend with her before I left Indiana.

There was A LOT of laughter, a sense of peace, a new breast cancer tervis that E had bought me post wedding and never mailed - that's just us!, cake batter puppy chow, an insane amount of chapstick purchased, margaritas, a late night run to Panera - which ended up being closed so we settled for Chick-fil-A, a horribly disgusting Chai from Panera the next day that made E's mom and I want to hurl, furniture shopping in which the salesman thought we were a couple, lots of girl talk, some miscellaneous tears, and one of the hardest good-bye's I have ever had to say.

So, here I sit, in my pink flannel PJ's, drinking Chai Tea out of my tervis, and wishing E were here.

2.  Starting the week off right.  One of the biggest discussions Bill and I have had was finding a church we all love.  This past Sunday we attended a church that one of our neighbors attends, and even though it was an 'out-of-their-norm' kind of service due the holiday, I instantly felt at-home there.  When Bill asked later that evening if I wanted to go there again next Sunday, I immediately said, 'Yes.'  It really reminds me so much of our home church in Jasper.

3.  'It's the Little Things'.  Everyone that knows me, knows I journal quite often, and I love making lists.  Of everything.  And color coding. And one of my absolute favorite things is Sharpie pens.  Yesterday, during my Target shopping trip I stumbled across a different brand of marker pens, Staedtler, so I decided to give them a try.  I threw them in the cart and didn't give them a second thought until I sat down to write yesterday.  That's when I discoved that the lid doubles as an easel. 

Last night, I was proudly showing off my find to Bill.  As he was looking unethusiastically non-impressed, I said frankly, 'It's the little things!' 

His response, 'Um, clearly.'

So clearly he wasn't as impressed with them as I was, but the girls sure were. :)

4.  Spirit Days.  The girls are in their second week of school here in Charlotte and they are absolutely loving it. Today is hat day, and they've been anxiously awaiting it all week. Especially Ava and Bre. Ava was so excited to get a chance to show off her big, floppy hat Nana gave her, and Bre was so excited that she laid her outfit/hat out as soon as she got home from school yesterday.

5.   My marriage.   As I mentioned earlier, I love journaling. It's therapeutic for me. I will add Scripture, quotes, lists, etc that touch me. A few days ago I read a list titled '10 Habits of a Healthy Marriage' by Lisa Jacobson. It was such a great list that I had to write it down...and share it with all of you.

If there's anything I've learned recently, it's that I want to be and God is calling me to be the best help-meet I can be to my husband.

Lucky for me, I've got a pretty awesome one.

Bill, you are my husband, my best friend, my lover, and the home to my heart. You are one of my greatest blessings from God. Your love is a gift that I get to open every single day. If anyone were to ask me what I want to be when I grow up, I can say with 100% certainty that I want to be the one holding your hand. I love you!


  1. Your post made me smile at many different times. You have a beautiful family and are blessed with a great friend! We are currently without a home church and it is very difficult to find one that we all enjoy and are "good" with. Glad you have found yours!

  2. I had no idea what a tervis was, so I am glad you showed a picture! I've seen them, just never heard that name for them.

    What a great visit with a good friend. Not much can beat that.

    Finding a new church is hard, and it can take a while to feel really at home in a new one. Glad this visit went well and seemed homey.

    I love that the marker holder turns into an easel!

    I just have one son still at home, in community college - I miss the fun of spirit days!

    1. Barbara, there are actually Tervis stores that are nothing but Tervis products. I've long bought them as gifts for other people but have never wanted to spend the money to buy one for myself.

  3. Time with a good friend like yours is precious! Great that your girls are happy about school. I have a bit of a "good pen fetish" I get the little things, too! Sweet, sweet #5!

    Have a great week!

  4. I love the little things too :) My favourite journal pens are uni-ball vision.

    Thanks for the heads up about Tervis - I never knew :)

    Beautiful #5!

  5. What a huge blessing to have such a good friend as you have!

    The little things are awesome if we just take the time to notice them!