Friday, July 15, 2011


I'm trying to jot down the funny things the kids say, as they say them.  Today, Breanna has been making Big A and I laugh all day.

After getting home from his orthodontist appointment, Big A asked me to cut his hair.  He goes and changes into some boxers, which apparently Breanna thought meant we were going swimming, because she started yelling, 'Wait for me!  Wait for me!  I gotta get my bay-ving suits.'

I was getting ready to clean the glass on the backdoor after Breanna had colored all over them.  She jumped in front of me and yelled, 'NO!  Don't wash off my lizard.  We have to save him for supper.'

As she was getting into the fabric bag, I told her to get out.  She responded, 'Oh come on Mom, it's for me anyways.'

After supper, Breanna asked for a snack.  I asked her if she wanted some apple sauce to which she replied, 'Yes, but it makes my stomach fart.'

At the nail salon, Breanna was looking at the nail polish hanging on the wall.  The cosmetologist asked her if she wanted her nails painted too, and she replied, 'Uh huh, because I'm big enough.'

I don't know where she gets this stuff, but she sure does keep the other five of us entertained with her witticisms and mispronunciations.

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