Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Prayer for a Friend

Today after I got both the A's off for school, Kinsey, Breanna, and myself went to run a few errands.

In the car, we were jamming...yes, jamming at 8 am in the none other than the Casting Crown cd. Hands down, my current FAVORITE cd !!!
In Home Depot, it was taking me a while, because I was trying to find a certain type of tile to use for my demonstrations for Uppercase Living. Both girls were getting rambunctious, and Kinsey looks at me and says, "Mommy, I thought you said this wasn't going to take very long." HA,HA I did, in fact, tell her this prior to entering the store. I say, "Well, honey, we haven't really been in here very long." I think I got an eye roll with that.

After about thirty seconds she busts out in song. 'Lord, I lift my friend to you...."Ok..she has my attention. She sings a few lines of the song before I interrupt.

"Kins, I didn't realize you knew that song."

"Well, I do Mommy, " she said, "And I am singing to Jesus about T. He will help her, Mommy"

T is a friend of hers from school. They have become good friends over the past few months. I have encouraged it, despite the fact that I DO NOT agree with how this little girl is raised. Her parents openly curse and scream at their children. At 7 years old, she has a cell phone. The girls are allowed to do whatever they want, with little supervision. I could go on and on...

I had another the group of moms that my children play with, tell me she feels this little girl is a 'bad' influence on the other girls, and that the other girls should not play with her. I disagree! I think these other little girls are a positive influence in her chaotic life. Despite her upbringing..despite her faults (maybe them seem worse to some but in the grand scheme of things all sin is the same) , it is up to us to teach her about Jesus!

Back to mine and Kinsey's discussion....

"Mommy, she needs to be prayed for. She says the same bad words her mommy and daddy do. And we need to pray for her so she knows that is not the right thing to do."

"yes, Kinsey, you're right. We do. you are a very good friend for praying to Jesus to help her, but we also need to pray for her mommy and daddy too"

"Why Mommy?" she asks.

"Because we need to pray for them to find Jesus too."

We get back to the car, and I turn on the song Kinsey was singing in the store. It now, has a new meaning to me. My 6 year old, praying to our Mighty God, for one of her very best friends. Knowing that is the best thing she can do for her friend. Her little mind comprehends so much more than I give her credit for.

Here's the song she was singing:

Lord, I lift my friend to You,
I've done all that I know to do
I lift my friend to You
Complicated circumstances have clouded his view
Lord, I lift my friend up to You

I fear that I won't have the words that he needs to hear
I pray for Your wisdom, oh God,
and a heart that's sincere
Lord, I lift my friend up to You

Lord, I lift my friend to You
My best friend in the world, I know he means much more to You
I want so much to help him, but this is something he has to do
And Lord, I lift my friend up to You

'cause there's a way that seems so right to him
But You know where that leads
He's becoming a puppet of the world,
too blind to see the strings
Lord,I lift my friend up to You
My friend up to You

Lord, I lift my friend to You,
I've done all that I know to do
I lift my friend to You

LORD, as I end this blog, I have some unspoken request for friends who need to be lifted to you tonight. Shed the light of your love upon them. They need to feel your presence around them. They need the strength to keep believing during these very difficult times in their lives. You, and only you, can take away their pain.

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  1. What a sweet daughter you have! There is definately a life lesson there, children can't help who their parents are or how they are being raised. That little girl is lucky to have your daughter as a friend.