Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Kinsey's Room (and some updates)


The past week has been a little, errrrr, maybe LOT busy around the Price house.

For those of you who don't know yet, I left my job at RV (a digital marketing firm) due to some medical issues post-my last surgery, and let me tell you, saying, 'See you later' to some of my co-workers was hard, y'all.  They are some of the BEST, most genuine people I've ever worked with, and I'm so thankful for the 'do life together' friendships I made during my time there.

On one hand, hard, but on the other, it was a blessing in disguise because it allowed me a minute to step back and think about what I really want to be doing.  That answer came in the form of enrolling in an online program.  14 years ago, when I was blessed with the miracle of my oldest daughter, sacrifices had to be made in order to provide for her, so I quit college and got a job.  So now, with an almost 14 year old, an 11 year old, and almost 9 year old, Bill and I decided it was as good of time as ever for me to jump back in.  In all fairness to him, he's tried for several years to convince me I should do this.  I honestly thought, "It's been YEARS since I've been in school, I'm not sure I'm capable of 'doing it' and 'doing it well' at this age."  'Doing it well' is important to me because I have three girls who I'm always dwelling on the importance of doing well in school to.  And they do!  So, I need to, too.  So after years of convincing from my husband, I'm doing it.  I enrolled in an 18 month (work at your pace) program that I started talking to my friend, Andrea, about around 2 (Yes, TWO) years ago.  The wait was then on to receive all my books and syllabuses. (or is it syllabi, my grammar loving friends?  Ahem, Elaine!)

Over the summer, I've been working on a couple projects in Kinsey's room, as talked about in my previous blog post, but I hadn't finished them all.  

Fast forward to this past Monday (less than TWO weeks before we leave for Indiana to go pick up the girls) and I decided it was the perfect time to paint my kitchen cabinets.  Luckily I have THE BEST Mother-in-Law in the world (and I'm not being sarcastic) who came over, daily, and did a big portion of the painting.  My goal was to have them done by Wednesday (yes, you read that right: My goal was to have them done in three days.  Go ahead a laugh) because my books/lesson plans were supposed to be delivered on Wednesday.  BUT, they came a day early, and I had to jump right in so I would paint a few cabinets and go work on a lesson.  Sleep.  The cycle repeated itself over and over throughout the course of a week (so not three days but who's counting?), but we finished it with the help of Bill and Brandon.  And it's BEAUTIFUL.  I knew it would really change the way the kitchen looked, but I still can't get over how much brighter it is in there every single time I walk in that room.

And during that time, I finished what was supposed to be a semester class - completed all lesson plans, took 6 test, a gazillion quizzes, and my final for my first class.  I'm happy to say, I finished the class with a 97%.  I promptly sent a screenshot to my girls.  To be honest, it's important to me that they know no matter where they are in life, if they have a goal and they work hard, they can accomplish anything.  Kinsey promptly told me I need to start taking all her tests for her.  Ha!

So, here we are, two days before we leave to go pick them up and I still needed to put some finishing touches on her room.  So, I hurried up and finished what I could this morning. There's still a couple more things I'd like to add, but I've just accepted it's not happening until after she comes home.  So without further ado..... here is.....

Kinsey's Room

The biggest change you can see when you walk in is her 'glitter' wall and a photo above her chair.

Two things about this area... on the wall between the chair and vanity will eventually be a painting she had in her bedroom at our previous house.  Bill's Mom painted it, and it was perfect for her previous bedroom but she's going to make a quick color change to it and then it will match this bedroom perfectly.  

The other addition will be some string lights running from the corner behind the chair, close to the ceiling, to the corner where the glitter wall starts.  Her room theme is really clean, light colors with sparkle.

Her vanity is still the same.

I added this chair a few months ago when I was preparing for surgery and we needed a recliner in the living room for me post-surgery.  She had a bean bag chair here previously and it just didn't flow cohesively in her space, so one of the accent chairs that was in the living room got moved into her bedroom.

My mother loves these chairs (they are really comfortable) and tries to convince me to give them to her every time she comes down. Ha!  It might happen one of these days.

Above Kinsey's chair I hung a picture collage her best friend, Hannah, made for her.  These girls are just the sweetest, and I'm so glad Kinsey has a bestie like her.

The mirror beside her vanity area was white but she told me she needed a little more of her accent color in her room.  I initially glittered it but didn't like it at all, so I did what any mom would do, and I scrapped it all off and then painted it this turquoise-y color.

I love this tray her grandmother got her a couple years ago.  It's perfect for keeping all her perfumes organized.

The glitter wall.  This was a VERY quick and inexpensive addition to her bedroom.  Though I told her when she asked me to do it, that if she EVER wants to change it, she's going to be the one to sand it.

I really do love the contrast against her light bluish/green/gray walls.

Initially we were going to hang her white board back up on here, but then I found these Fleur De Lis hangers at Hobby Lobby and she loved them.  

Her bed.  The biggest change to this space was the addition of the lights and curtains behind her bed.

Her room is not that big but this wall felt big and empty when there was nothing except her 'Live in the Sunshine' picture up there.

I absolutely LOVE how this turned out.

I can not wait for her to get home and see this.  

See that lamp beside her bed?  It matches that cute tray that holds her perfume.

Her beside table isn't anything fancy...just a white/turquoise end table...but it holds one of her most prized possessions....a photo from her trip to Charleston.

One of the things I love most about where we are is the opportunities/life experiences the girls are getting to have.

The stories we got to hear when she got home from that trip were priceless.

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