Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Are there ever times when you wonder why God does the things he does?

I know His plan is perfect, but sometimes I still wonder...'God, are you sure?' I have several people I am praying for right now, and I'd like to share a few details about each one of them.

My friend, Chelsa, is burying her child today. And I can not begin to imagine how bad her heart hurts. She's a strong Christian woman, and has been so courageous during the difficult time. But I find myself asking God...why her? Why is this Your plan??? Why would You take her sweet, precious boy, the one it took You so long to give her? Why take this child from THIS mother? It just doesn't seem fair. I pray for Chelsa to have the strength to make it through this most difficult day. It's been raining all day.... I know God is crying with her today. Mourning the loss of her sweet angel.

My ex-sister in law, is now about 33 weeks pregnant, as well, with her third child. She's a labor and delivery nurse...three boys at home, all 8 and under ( 2 are her biological sons and 1 is her step-son who she has full-time bc his mother is passed)...and her husband is in Iraq. She has been having a TON of complications with this pregnancy. The baby has failed the last two NST, and she is having alot of contractions. I pray if they have to deliver, she will have the strength to handle having a baby in the NICU. She sees this everyday at work, but you can't understand what it does to a person until you have a child in there.

One of my best friends dad...he adopted her as an basically turning his back on her once again. They have had alot of problems in the past, but she continually tries to work on their relationship, so that he can have one with her children. He has never met her youngest child, and it tears her up inside. But everytime she tries to confront him about the issues they have had, and how it has impacted her, he backs away. He calls himself her 'step-dad' and tells her he can only be in her life as a friend. This is very heart-breaking for her....but I know at this point the only thing we can do is pray for his heart.

My sweet Breanna....I'm pretty nervous about her upcoming surgery. Sometimes it just doesn't seem fair that she has been through some much during the short time she has been with us. But I know, we are more lucky than most. She could have been at Riley's for much, much longer than she was after her open heart surgery. We could have already had to have the second procedure. Right now, we are dealing with sleep apnea. That seems pretty minor compared to what we could be facing right now. But it is still scary. I just pray God gives her the comfort to be able to breathe right when she sleeps, so that she can get a good nights rest.

Please...take a moment to say a silent prayer with me.

I haven't posted any recent pictures of the friend, Amanda, is supposed to be making me a header with all the kids pictures, so I am anxious to see how 'cool' it turns out.

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  1. I can't even imagine... burying my child. I will keep everyone in my thoughts and prayers.